Digital Human Rights Researcher - The World Computer Organization

Nov 02, 2020
Richmond Hill, Ontario

The World Computer Organization (WCO) has launched the World Computer Project ( initiative with a mission to socially engineer a more dignified digital future for people everywhere.  To ensure we have a technology legacy that serves us rather than displaces us, we need diverse ideas, perspectives, and opinions spanning all human disciplines.  The project is in search of bright, energetic, young volunteer students from a broad cross-section of the Humanities and STEM, who will contribute their varied talents, knowledge, imagination and compassion to some of the most existential problems facing mankind. 

The Digital Human Rights Research role awaits students who would be excited to apply their areas of study within the Humanities toward investigating, framing and drafting a nuanced new digital constitution that asserts an inalienable right to self-determination for every person.   If you are an upper year Philosophy, History, Political Science, Social Science, or Law student, or have recently graduated, or have related experience, and have a passion to work with others on digital human rights issues, the World Computer Project needs you.   This is your opportunity to be a meaningful contributor to the most important and ambitious global technology initiative ever attempted.  Be part of history and join the World Computer Project ( today!

Please email: with your CV/resume to apply

For more information on the project, please read the white papers on our website:

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