Database creator, using MySQL and other tools -- Movie/ Photo Editor -- Social media ads and followup expert. - jarlist inc.

Sep 19, 2020
Vancouver V6E 1A6, British Columbia
  1. IT Position:

You will be working with another person, and you will enjoy the happiness of doing good for others. You will leave your ideas and touch on your work, and you will get a certificate of work experience with us. Your picture and your contact information will be posted beside your work (if you wish!), so everyone will get to know you, for future work with others. We are an international NFP and Charity company, so your contribution will be noticed around the world.

  1. Social media Specialty and marketing: 

 We are also looking to hire Social media experts who will help with online media ads and marketing. Companies and organizations will recognize your contribution around the world. A picture of you and your contact information will be posted, along with your final hard work. You will also have a certificate from the company for the hard work you put. 

  1. Film/Movies/ and Picture editing Position:

If you have experience in Film making and movies/photo editing, you are welcome to apply. You will be creating our ads, films, and movie clips and post them on all social media. Your name and contributions will be recognized internationally, and you will get a certificate of support for our noble cause.

You can apply by calling us at 1-844-JARLIST OR 1-844-999-9776, OR EMAIL: CONTACT@JARLIST.CA

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