Construction Manager needed for kitchen retrofit to improve safety and accessibility - The Ladies of Sacred Heart, Batawa

Feb 09, 2021
Astra, Ontario

We are looking for a construction manager with skills to retrofit our kitchen area and assist us in creating a new, safer and more accessible kitchen and pantry.  These improvements will allow our group to continue our community service and fundraising projects.  The construction manager will be responsible for:

  1. Removing countertops and re-tasking/repairing/moving the existing counters/cupboards and preparing the kitchen for other contractors,
  2. Providing cosmetic finishes (trim and paint)
  3. Resealing the floor by the dishwasher after installation,
  4. Reinstalling the existing cupboards and repairing/replacing damaged cupboards,
  5. Coordinating and working with plumbing, countertop and electrical contractors,
  6. Completing small finishing details (knobs, shelf mounting, paint touch-up etc)
  7. Anticipated project times 30-40 hrs over 7-14 days.  (Negotiable to your schedule).

For further details, to arrange a safe-site-visit and to send proposals please email:



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