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Cognitive Teacher - Arrowsmith School Online - Arrowsmith School

Nov 27, 2020
Toronto, Ontario

A Cognitive Classroom Teacher at Arrowsmith School is responsible for teaching students in their cognitive classroom using the Arrowsmith Program methodology. A cognitive teacher provides a positive classroom environment and guides, supports, and encourages all students recognizing that students are working toward a common goal of increasing their learning capacities. A cognitive teacher ensures their students are actively engaged in the Arrowsmith Program exercises and following the exercise procedures. The Cognitive Classroom Teacher supports students to stay motivated by teaching them the purpose of the exercises and finding ways of enhancing their ongoing perseverance, utilizing methods of internal and external motivation. 

The Cognitive Classroom Teacher tracks and analyses student data on a daily basis identifying trends of slow or accelerated progress and problem solving to address issues as well as assesses progress data on a monthly and yearly basis. Student data is entered into the Arrowsmith Program Cognitive Tracking System (ACTS) each month. Progress is communicated to students and parents regularly through informal and formal meetings and formal reports.

All staff at Arrowsmith School contribute and adhere to Arrowsmith School policies and procedures and communicates these to students and parents. They create a safe environment for students where everyone is respected and valued. They also contribute to raising awareness of the Arrowsmith Program through their presentations and conversations at Parent Information Sessions and other school events. They foster the Arrowsmith School staff community by engaging in professional dialogue and practice which contributes to a positive work environment that promotes learning and focuses on transforming the lives of individuals with learning disabilities.

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