Centre for Independent Living in Toronto is Seeking New Board Members - Centre for Independent Living in Toronto

Oct 29, 2020
Toronto, Ontario

The Centre for Independent Living in Toronto (CILT) is a consumer-controlled, community-based resource organization. We help people with disabilities to learn Independent Living skills and integrate into the community. CILT operates on the philosophy of the Independent Living movement which was developed in response to traditional rehabilitation services models. CILT’s aim is to develop and implement dignified social services that empower individuals rather than create dependencies. We encourage people with disabilities to take control of their own lives by exercising their right to examine options, make choices, take risks and even make mistakes. For more information about CILT, please see our website at: www.cilt.ca 

CILT Director’s Role: Directors are responsible to Members of the organization. The Director acts as a trustee on behalf of all members of CILT and people with disabilities in Toronto and the surrounding area.


  • understands, supports and is committed to the philosophy of Independent Living for persons with disabilities
  • familiarity with the constituency of persons with disabilities in Toronto


An efficient working board requires regular participation by all its board members. Meetings may be attended in person or by teleconference. A Director will make every effort to attend the Annual General Meeting of CILT

At meetings, Directors are responsible for:

  • carrying through on their commitments
  • arriving on time for meetings
  • attending all meetings
  • reviewing all minutes/documents prior to meetings
  • understanding and overseeing CILT’s finances
  • participating in decision making • volunteering to serve on committees of the board
  • expressing their opinions/concerns to the entire board
  • avoiding any conflict of interest
  • treating all matters of the organization with confidentiality and sensitivity
  • accepting other duties assigned
  • calling in with regrets when unable to attend a meeting
  • adhering to the Board of Directors obligation document


CILT’s Board of Directors meets approximately every 2 months for 1.5-2 hours. Normally, meetings take place at CILT’s offices at Bloor and Sherbourne Streets in Toronto and/or telephone, but during the COVID-19 Pandemic Directors join meetings only by phone.

How to Apply/Contact: If you are interested in applying to be a Director at CILT, or would like more information about the role, please email cilt@cilt.ca

CILT’s Bylaws require that the majority of the board shall be made up of disabled consumers and that the positions of President and Vice-President shall at all times be a disabled consumer. People with disabilities are, therefore, particularly encouraged to apply.

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