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Sep 22, 2020
Montreal, Quebec

Midwifery Association Capacity Assessment: MACAT 2.0 in Somalia 

Strengthening Midwifery Education and Practice in Somalia (SMEPS) Project 

The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) is seeking a Consultant to conduct the Member Association Capacity Assessment Tool (MACAT 2.0) as part of the Strengthening Midwifery Education and Practice in Somalia (SMEPS) Project. This assessment will provide baseline data of the organizational capacity of three Midwifery Associations, as well as identify organizational priority areas of each of the Associations using an already developed tool of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). Interested parties should apply through the submission of an expression of interest, as outlined below, by August 15, 2020. Note, that the Consultant must be eligible to work in Canada.

Time frame: September to December 2020 

Location: Based in Canada with ability to work remotely with stakeholders in Somalia (Somaliland, Puntland and the Federal States). Possibility of travel to Eastern Africa if global health situation improves in the short term re: COVID-19.


The goal of undertaking this organizational capacity assessment is to provide baseline data for monitoring and evaluation purposes of the SMEPS project as well as to identify action areas to respond to each Midwifery Associations’ needs within the scope of the project. The information gathered within this assessment will guide project activities during the life of the project and the development of Association action plans towards their organizational and leadership capacity. As part of this assessment, it will be required that results and recommendations from the assessment be communicated to, validated by and signed off by each Association. In addition, a workshop with project partners and key stakeholders will take place at the end of November or early December in Mogadishu, Somalia or Nairobi, Kenya (dependent on the COVID-19 global health situation).

Utilizing the MACAT 2.0 tool serves several project and Midwifery Association objectives:

  1. Provides a comprehensive assessment of the capacities of each Association;
  2. Identifies key activities for each Association to engage in, to help strengthen structural gaps;
  3. Establishes Midwifery Associations as the national leaders in health promotion and advocates for the profession.

Expected Deliverables 

The assignment consists of four main deliverables: 

  1. MACAT Assessment: Utilizing the MACAT 2.0 tool to assess the three Midwifery Associations in Somaliland, Puntland and the Federal States of Somalia.
  2. Report: Produce a report for each of the three Midwifery Associations that describes the results of the MACAT assessment including strengths, weaknesses, recommendations and an actionable operational plan.
  3. Workshop (in person or remote if needed): Conduct a workshop to disseminate results and define work/action plans for each Midwifery Association as part of the SMEPS project. This workshop will be developed in collaboration with CAM Global’s Midwifery Technical Expert and representatives from each Midwifery Association.
  4. Workshop report: Develop an activity report that summarizes the workshop, describes workshop outcomes and identifies achievable workplans for each of the Midwifery Association.


Selection Criteria 

Expressions of interest will be evaluated primarily on the following criteria: 

  1. Previous experience using the MACAT tool or demonstration of a solid understanding of the tool;
  2. Experience in conducting quality assessments and report writing;
  3. Experience in workshop development and facilitation, and;
  4. Demonstration of the ability to conduct an assessment remotely within the required timeframe with multiple stakeholders.

Priority will be given to an expression of interest that: 

  1. Is led by a Midwife
  2. Has familiarity and/or experience with conflict/post-conflict environments (previous experience in Somaliland, Puntland or Federal States of Somalia is considered a strong asset)
  3. Has a budget below $30, 000 CAD, though budgets of up to and above $30, 000 CAD will be considered for exceptional proposals. 

Submission Format 

The expression of interest should not exceed four pages outlining: 

  1. An overview of your skills and experience and/or the composition of your team (if applicable). Including CV’s, indicating any relevant experience in conducting assessments, particularly with the MACAT tool, workshop development and facilitation and report writing. Also, include any relevant experience in conducting assessments in the Horn of Africa or East African region.
  2. The proposed approach to conduct the MACAT, including:
    1. Timeline
    2. Tool validation
    3. Working remotely and communicating with CAM, project partners, the Midwifery Associations and ICM
    4. Budget not to exceed $30, 000 CAD. Please note that costs associated with travel for this assignment including airfare, accommodations, per diems in transit, and some medical expenses, will be provided by the project and should not be included in the proposal budget. As well, note that travel may not be possible during the execution of this contract.

For additional information, view the full listing on CAM's website:


Please follow these instructions:

  • Send the MACAT proposal documents as one PDF file and ensure that your full name (as lead Consultant, if in a team) and the title “SMEPS MACAT” are included in the file name
  • Send your PDF file by email in the subject line, “SMEPS MACAT” to
  • Deadline for applications is August 15, 2020 by 5pm EST
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