Call for Board Members - Varying positions - Hands-On Growing

Oct 11, 2020
Calgary, Alberta

Hands-on Growing (HOG) is an emerging nonprofit with the vision to teach people how to grow food so they can grow and teach each other. We aim to create better places to live by educating young people in the art of growing food with regenerative methods. We help manage indoor and outdoor garden spaces throughout Calgary with the help of student volunteers. These become important places to invite knowledge from older generations and diverse communities so that together we can enrich life around us for years to come. As Hands-on Growing is expanding, we have set out to build-up our Board of Directors to help take root in our community, extend our reach and strengthen our capacity. 

We are looking to onboard varying positions including Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, fundraisers and Members at Large.  

Term: min 1 year, renewable

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board: 
Supports HOG's executive team based on the identified priorities of the organization in 2020-2021 including the following:

  • Advises on proper and organizational sustainability of HOG as an emerging nonprofit.
  • Play an active role in the board’s evaluation and planning efforts, including review of bylaws and other policies to ensure they are up-to-date and observed.
  • Supports the organization to have the funds and human resources to operate
  • Makes connections with other local and provincial groups 

Responsibilities of Individual Board Members:

  • Preparation for board meeting participation; Attend minimum 80% of Board meetings in person or by teleconference
  • Take an active role in developing educational program of HOG e.g. curriculum integration, developing training modules for volunteers, etc. 
  • Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Review reports and meeting minutes and be prepared to discuss them
  • Actively represent HOG in the community as ambassadors
  • Commit and be accountable to playing a role in new fundraising activities (e.g. make introductions, open doors, enlist new donors, etc)
  • Fulfilling action items as decided on the Board meetings.
  • Corresponding by email on a timely matter and voting in electronic motions

Legal Responsibilities
Directors manage the business of Hands-On Growing according to the Companies Act. This is in particular in regard to the registration of mortgages and to keeping registers of directors and members; in addition, they keep account of mailing of forms of proxy and information circulars, and to filing with the Registrar an annual report, and copies of special and other resolutions, and of any change in the registered office or of directors. The directors will also be accountable for the Minute book and the seal.

Charitable Priority
Currently Hands-On Growing is a non-profit organization.  We are looking to register as a charity under Government of Alberta’s charitable registration status as specified under the Charitable Fundraising Act this year. The board will work toward achieving these priorities namely: 

  1. Registering with CRA as a charitable status 
  2. Creating solicitation materials toward getting charitable status. 

Interested parties will need to register as members of Hands on Growing to be able to serve on the board.

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please send your resume and a personal statement indicating your relevant interests and qualifications. 

Applications can be submitted to until July 31, 2020 .

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