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Business Analysis Specialist - Service Coordination for People with Developmental Disabilities / Coordination des services pour les personnes ayant une déficience intellectuelle

Sep 29, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario


Business Analysis Specialist:


Service Coordination Support (SCS) is the initial contact for adults and children with a Developmental Disability, and children with autism spectrum disorder - some services are provided in Ottawa and in the Eastern Ontario region. SCS provides case management services to both eligible children and adults which help people find the supports and services in the community that are needed to assist them in their daily lives. One of our important goals is to empower families/individuals to make informed choices about the supports they seek.

SCS has recently identified the need for further investment in its information management systems. This investment is in support of its strategic plan to streamline, standardize and automate its work processes, and expand its information management capacity.

Essentially, this project contains 3 major deliverables for SCS:

  • The re-build and re-tooling of SCS’ main website
  • Creation of a secure client portal off the main website that includes the development or customization of web-based tools providing account management opportunities, networking and billing options to individuals and families served by SCS in addition to SCS’ partners and other stakeholders that integrates with SCS’ case management system and where applicable it’s financial system
  • Establishing further integration capability for process efficiency and report building purposes between SCS’ financial, case management and service navigation systems.
  • The majority of the business process analysis for the identified systems has been completed. At this stage in the project, we now require an business analysis/user experience specialist skilled in mapping, finalizing and documenting functional system requirements from various user perspectives.


This position will suit a seasoned IT project professional with hands on project experience and the proven ability to coordinate internal resources who have limited time and competing priorities. Experience working in small to medium non-profit environments would be an advantageous asset as there will be limited staff resources available to support the work administratively.

The contractor’s responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:

Complete a thorough analytical review of all completed future state work flows, in progress lean process maps and other completed project artifacts.

Organize a series of virtual clinics with identified staff to:

  • Finalize future state work flows;
  • Document and break down the tasks the ‘system’ will be performing;
  • Finalize where the output of these tasks will be stored;
  • Develop and document a client journey map for each program team and back office service as applicable;
  • Develop and document personas for the types of clients that flow through each team based on the client journey map;
  • Establish the functional requirements for a universal client financial plan;
  • Create and finalize an overall client journey map for the agency;
  • Develop a high level community partner journey map;  
  • Finalize and document the optimal client interaction points with A.I. tools;
  • Develop bi-lingual scripting for A.I. tools.
  • Liaise with system developers as applicable
  • Other responsibilities mutually agreed to over the course of the contract.



  • Finalized functional requirements
  • Agency and community partner journey maps



The expected date of completion of this engagement is October 30, 2020 with an anticipated start date of August 20, 2020.


  • At least three years of verifiable experience in completing project deliverables similar in scope to this statement of work.
  • Effective report writing and presentation delivery, along with demonstrated analytical skills in optimizing business processes and identifying options and recommendations.
  • Demonstrated experience in collecting, mapping, documenting and presenting Work Flows, Journey Maps and System Integration diagrams for both technical and non technical audiences.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and MS Project.
  • PMP certification an asset.
  • Demonstrated commitment to a professional work ethic, working cooperatively and collaboratively with internal and external customers, clients, and partners while demonstrating compassion and a strong customer/client focus.
  • Self-direction with superior organizational, attention to detail and time management skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and conflict management skills.
  • Previous experience in a non-profit environment a strong asset.
  • Proficiency with change management tools and techniques.
  • Strong sense of political acuity.



SCS will only consider a sub-contract arrangement for this work. As such, the selected candidate shall have no entitlement to benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, retirement, or unemployment insurance. SCS will accept invoices billed on a monthly basis.

Any and all information obtained in the development of the deliverable shall be deemed proprietary information of SCS and remains the property of the SCS at all times, and may not be shared with or used to benefit another organization or individual without the express permission of the Agency.


SCS will provide and/or arrange for virtual meeting spaces for all required contractor meetings.


To be considered complete, responses must include a current resume detailing the contractor’s experience with similar projects, and a daily rate.

The successful Vendor will be required to enter into a service agreement. Responses will be based on but not limited to the following criteria:

  • Quality and completeness of the response;
  • The extent to which each of the Vendor’s proposed Personnel has the appropriate skills to provide the services required (years of experience, project(s) undertaken, understanding of the Deliverables, non-profit experience etc.);
  • The reasonableness of the maximum price proposed by the Vendor;
  • The suitability of each of the Vendor’s Personnel (how well the individual understands the project, the working environment, management culture, working with staff and management, etc.).



At SCS’s sole discretion, SCS may check references of the Vendor and/or any of its proposed contractors at any stage of the evaluation process. Without limiting the right of SCS to check references provided by the Vendor, SCS reserves the right to check references other than those provided by the Vendor. Award of a service agreement to a Vendor is subject to satisfactory reference checks, if required by SCS.



The vendor has the opportunity to raise concerns through the question and answer period of the procurement process or after the contract award.

If the Vendor is not satisfied with SCS’ response, it may file a complaint via email to

Once a complaint has been received, the SCS Quality Assurance Officer will initiate a review. The Vendor will receive a written response to the complaint once the review is complete.

Please note that filing a complaint does not affect the Vendor’s ability to participate in ongoing or future procurement or seek any other legal recourse that may be available. If the Vendor has already initiated legal action related to the complaint, however, the Vendor may not use this bid dispute process.



Application Deadline: August 10th, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.
SCS Representative: Janet Babalola, Director of Corporate Services
Submission E-mail address:

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