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Bridging Borders Ottawa Board - Bridging Borders Ottawa

Sep 22, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario

Bridging Borders is a government registered, non-for-profit organization that addresses social issues from a holistic lens in an attempt to address local and community issues. Whether it involves delivering donated winter clothing to the homeless, facilitating academic assistance to children living in shelters or opening up free pop-up stores to allow disadvantaged communities to have a dignifying shopping experience, the intent is to provide a helping hand for the community by individuals within the community. 


The positions are open to all applicants, independnet of qualifications but who are interested in community oriented volunteer work. Explicitly, the positions will be filled to make a team that organizes events and programs, and therefore will be required to find sponsorships and funding, outreach to the community, organize logisitcs, and most importantly, take part in the decision-making and orientation of the organization.


Wishing all applicants the best. 

Bridging Borders Ottawa 



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