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Oct 20, 2020
Toronto, Ontario



July 21, 2020


Dear Waldorf Academy community members and all interested parties: We are looking for new Board Members!


Please take a moment to read through this letter to see if this is an opportunity for you to contribute to the vitality and well-being of our school. We are looking for members with a range of experience, qualities, and talents in order to ensure a balanced and diverse team. Everyone is welcome to apply.


Please do not let lists of qualifications or calls for specific expertise prevent you from considering this opportunity. We need dedication, patience, thoughtfulness, energy, diversity and collaboration as much as we need experience and accreditations.  Waldorf Academy operates as a not-for-profit, charitable organization within the province of Ontario.


The Waldorf Academy Board of Directors is tasked with oversight to ensure the ongoing success and viability of our school subject to legal requirements. While the Board is typically an oversight body, Board Members also offer resources and assistance to school managers as needed, e.g., for finance, marketing, human relations and other ad hoc issues. In addition, the Board engages in policy creation, self-assessment, and ongoing evaluation of its direct hires, including related legal and personnel issues. Board Members also liaise with faculty members and with Community Council, who in part constitute the school’s Members of Corporation to whom the Board is ultimately accountable. 


Each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually in October, Board nominees are voted in as a slate (not individually) by the members of corporation who comprise all faculty members, current Board members, primary class reps, and various other individuals. Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM and Board meetings, whether or not they are a Board Member or a Member of Corporation. 


The general responsibilities of a Board Member include:

• Putting the well-being of the school as a whole first and foremost; 

• A 3-year commitment; 

• Identifying and disclosing real or perceived conflicts of interest; 

• Attendance at Board meetings (typically once per month) and occasional all-day leadership meetings (twice per year);

• Voting on motions within Board meetings;

• Membership or chairing on two board committees which meet at least monthly outside of Board meetings; 

• Ensuring the financial health of the organization; 

• Ensuring effective leadership of the organization; 

• Ensuring compliance of the school leadership with relevant legal and health parameters;

• Partnering with other school committees, including Community Council and Managers, to offer support where helpful and necessary; and 

• Exhibiting dedication, patience, and perseverance. 


As the needs of the school are broad, we are looking for Board Members with experience or knowledge in a variety of arenas, including: 

• Anthroposophy 

• Human resources 

• Fundraising

• Finance

• Marketing

• Communication

• Education

• Governance

• Law 

• Charities and non-profits

• Privacy

• Board functioning

• Leadership

• Project management

• Management consulting

• Health and safety

• Note-taking and record management 

• Business administration

• Childcare operations 



The following characteristics are also invaluable to a healthy board: 

• Ability to work in a team 

• Conflict management abilities

• Relationship-building skills

• Discretion and confidentiality

• Intuition and sensitivity

• Listening skills • Self-reflectiveness

• Emotional and social competences

• Enthusiasm for the organisation, its philosophy, and employees

• An appreciative and constructive approach

• Community-building attitude

• Courage and integrity 


The Board of Directors also recognizes that demonstrating diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our school is vital to all individuals within our community who thrive when they see themselves reflected, respected, and valued in all levels of society. We are committed to rejecting systems of oppression, prejudice, and marginalization in all its forms, and embrace the words of Rudolf Steiner: A healthy social life is found only when, in the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the whole community, the virtue of each one is living. We therefore strongly encourage all members of our community and alumni to apply, irrespective of their gender expression, sexual orientation, family constellation, race, ethnicity, national origin, religious heritage, dominant language or socio-economic background.


In addition to diversity, equality and inclusion, the Nominations Committee will consider the following criteria to ensure a strong team: 

• balance of qualifications, experience and interpersonal abilities;

• proportion of independent directors (e.g., directors with no direct ties to the school); 

• variation of parent directors in terms of the classes in which their children are enrolled (e.g., CCC, ECE, elementary grades, etc).


The Nominations Committee receives and reviews applications and conducts one interview per applicant. The Nominations Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, which then seeks approval from the Members of the Corporation at the Annual General Meeting in the fall of the school year. The Nominations Committee comprises three members: one from the current Board of Directors, the Faculty, and Community Council respectively, as per our bylaws. 


The following schedule is generally followed: 

• End of May: convening of Nominations Committee

• Last week of July: request for applications sent out to parents, community, alum, other Waldorf schools, potential independent members, etc;

• Throughout August: interviews of first round of applicants;

• First week of September: requests for additional applications if still needed;

• Throughout September: interviews of second round of applicants, if needed;

• End of September: review of interviews and confirmation with accepted applicants, and recommendation of proposed slate to Board of Directors; 

• At least 10 days before AGM: notice of proposed Board slate sent to all members of corporation;

 • At the AGM: Members of Corporation vote on proposed Board slate.


How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying to be a Waldorf Academy Board Member, please send an up-to-date version of your CV (or a brief summary of your skills and your past experience), your reasons for applying, the classes your children are in (if applicable), if you feel you can add to the diversity of the Board in any way, and anything else you deem relevant.


Submissions can be emailed directly to the attention of the Nominations Committee at


For questions or additional information about the experience of being a Board member, please reach out directly to our current Board of Directors, as found on the school website (under About Us, Faculty, Leadership). Please also note that there are many additional ways to contribute to our community, e.g., by being a class representative, joining a committee of the Board, Community Council or faculty, volunteering for random events, participating in activities and projects, etc. 



We look forward to hearing from you! 

Sincerely,  The 2020 Nominations Committee

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