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Board Member - Non-Profit Affordable Housing - Unity Non-Profit Housing Corporation Ottawa

Sep 20, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario


Unity Non-Profit Housing Corporation Ottawa ( is a housing provider in Ottawa that offers safe, affordable rental accommodations to families and individuals in a multi-cultural setting. We own and operate two properties, a nine-story apartment building at 55 Hilda St and 64 townhomes on Presland Road. Both properties are primarily made up of affordable housing units.

We are looking to recruit one member to our nine-member board of directors. Directors attend a monthly board meeting (normally a weekday evening) and may also participate in Board committees (e.g. special events, finance, or human resources). We are looking for people who are community and diversity-minded and interested in affordable housing. Expertise in project, property, building and/or financial management are assets, as is previous Board experience. We also strongly encourage gender, cultural and ethnic diversity and welcome applicants with lived experience who can contribute to Unity's mission.

If you are interested in applying or have any questions, please contact our office at or at 613-745-6556. 


Under Unity Housing’s bylaws, the board is responsible for: 

  • ensuring that by-laws and standing resolutions setting out the management policies of the Corporation are established and regularly reviewed;
  • ensuring that a management plan for the Corporation is established annually;
  • ensuring that an effective organizational structure is established and that division of responsibility within the structure is clearly defined;
  • ensuring adequate performance of all legal obligations and agreements of the Corporation;
  • ensuring that the Corporation’s property is adequately maintained;
  • supervising and monitoring the financial affairs of the Corporation and making prudent financial decisions in the interest of the Corporation;
  • ensuring that the Corporation maintains an adequate level of insurance coverage;
  • ensuring that there is provision for the education of tenants and employees in matters relating to the operations of the Corporation;
  • ensuring that the by-laws and procedures concerning the selection and housing of tenants are followed;
  • directing and co-ordinating the reports and activities of all committees;
  • hiring, dismissing and directing employees and fixing their remuneration, and/or retaining a management firm;
  • ensuring that the social and community needs of the Corporation are addressed; and
  • ensuring the participation of the Corporation in the surrounding community.
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