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Nov 05, 2020
North Bay, Ontario

The Lived Experience & Recovery Network is excited to announce we are now accepting applications for this year's Board of Directors. LERN helps to build the capacity of local and regional organizations that are led by peers with lived experience, ensuring their voices are heard. This is a voluntary position that allows the opportunity to help share the delivery of peer support services and more across the northeast. We are committed to active direction of projects that directly improve the capacity of peer support organizations across the region. We serve 28 member organizations in the northeast of Ontario in the regions of Algoma, Sudbury/Manitoulin/Muskoka Parry Sound, Nipissing, Cochrane and Temiskaming. Our Board of Directors consist of individuals who represent these regions. 

Our Mission: LERN is a networking body linking, supporting and educating all consumer/ survivor and family organizations in the northeast region of Ontario. 

Our Vision: Empowering peer communities towards wellness and recovery. 

Our Board: Our Directors are responsible for representing the interests of LERN and act within our by-laws and policies. Directors are required to work collectively and in the best interest of LERN and its members. As a peer organization we value peer support, diversity, confidentiality, respect, honesty, equality, inclusiveness and empowerment. 

Your responsibilities would include:

• Actively participating in 8-10 virtual meetings per year (virtually and/or in person when possible)

• Share information learned with others in your city/district

• Help to direct LERN’s operations

• Raise awareness of LERN and its services to CSIs

The benefits to you include:

• Board training opportunities, develop and enhance leadership skills

• Network with people and staff from other CSIs

• Make a difference in peer support organizations

 LERN is a strong and diverse group of individuals in northeastern Ontario who support, empower and educate society around the issues relevant to mental health, mental illness and wellness. We are inviting those interested to apply by completing the attached application and submitting a resume no later than Tuesday August 11th, by 12:00pm. All applications are to be submitted to the Secretary of LERN's Board to Erin Russell,  Once all applications are submitted, a selection and interview process will take place.  We would like to thank everyone for their submissions.

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