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Oct 28, 2020
Toronto, Ontario


HOTT Board of Directors and Board Committee Volunteer Position

Who We Are

Houses Opening Today Toronto Inc. (HOTT) is a non-profit housing developer and operator of affordable housing in Toronto, currently managing a portfolio of 148 units housing 270 residents. Founded in 1987, HOTT was created by a group of people from the local community who were interested in providing affordable housing to meet the needs of people with low and moderate incomes. HOTT began with operating rooming houses for single adults and has since added additional properties to its portfolio that include self-contained apartments, allowing HOTT to expand its tenant base to serve singles, couples and families.

HOTT is seeking volunteers for both its Board of Directors and committees. See below for a description of the two roles and their requirements.

About Our Board

  • HOTT is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors (“The Board”) and includes both tenant members and non-tenant members
  • The role of The Board is to govern the organization and oversee its activities. This means that The Board’s focus is on HOTT’s strategic direction and oversight of its obligations as a housing provider, not the day-to-day operations. Operational activities are the responsibility of staff, who report to The Board.
  • The Board must answer legally for the affairs of the corporation
  • The Board is responsible for selecting, hiring and evaluating the Executive Director

About Our Board Committees

  • In its role to provide oversight and strategic direction, The Board has various board committees for different parts of the organization including: policy,
    investment and finance, fundraising and marketing, housing development, data reporting, board development and board nomination.
  • Committee members work together to set a time to meet. A committee chair, usually a Board member, reports back to the Board.
  • Committees can include Board members, staff and other governance volunteers
  • In this application form, you can select whether you are interested in volunteering for The Board or a committee of The Board.

Board Member Position

  • Participate in the trustee function of the Board (i.e. be legally responsible for HOTT, enter into contracts, protect the value of the buildings, be accountable if things go wrong)
  • Participate in the community leader function of The Board (i.e. liaise with agencies and community organizations, neighbours and the City, take the concerns of these stakeholders into account, work with other non-profit housing providers, & coalitions)
  • Participate in the oversight and strategic planning functions of the Board (i.e. developing and updating a vision statement, focusing on results, monitoring operations, setting policies and standards, ensuring resources are available to provide housing)

Board Committee Position

This is a great opportunity for people who are interested in volunteering to get experience in community engagement and it is also a chance for HOTT tenants who would like to get more involved and to share their ideas and input. Being a Board committee volunteer offers a chance to prepare to become a member of The Board if there are future vacancies and Board committee volunteers are encouraged to attend and observe regular Board meetings.

Board and Committee Member Requirements (PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY)

  • Be committed to HOTT's mission, values and principles
  • Commit to attend four hours for Board members and two hours for committee members of meetings per month
    • Attend meetings - meetings are usually once per month on a weekday evening. You must give advance notice if you cannot attend or will be late.
    • Be informed - directors and committee members receive a package of background reading a few days before the meeting
  • Declare conflict of interest - you must declare when a decision may benefit you, your relative or your employer in a way not common to the rest of the Board or the committee
  • Share responsibility for board and committee decisions and the Board's and committee’s process - participate in discussions, respect the chair and respect the decisions of the group, even when you don't agree with the majority
  • Board members must participate in at least one board committee
  • Come ready to enter the discussion and make decisions, do not be afraid to ask
    "dumb" questions
  • Exercise your own judgment - rely on appropriate professional advice or expertise of the Executive Director and staff but do not follow it blindly
  • Maintain confidentiality - strict confidentiality must be kept about personal
    information about tenants, potential tenants and employees, any legal proceedings that the Board may be involved in and other confidential matters
  • Be loyal to the Board and committees- speaking publicly against a decision of the Board or a committee or against another director or committee member weakens the Board and committees and inhibits their ability to function as an effective group.
  • Air your views frankly at meetings and try to resolve differences there
  • The Board's commitments to individual directors and committee members:
    • Commitment of other directors and committee members - everyone takes their responsibility seriously
    • Effective use of time - time spent in meetings should be used wisely; meetings are usually 2-3 hours
    • Access to information relevant to Board and committee decisions - ahead of time whenever possible
  • Training and support - with a budget every year for directors and committee members to attend workshops and conferences

Application Process

  • Determine if you meet the eligibility criteria to become a Board or committee member
  • Download the application form from our website and submit it, Attn: Board/Committee Application, to the following email address:
  • You may include a current copy of your resume

If you have any questions, you may contact HOTT at 416-369-0366, ext. 24 or ext. 26 or send an e-mail to and someone will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.

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