Bilingual English-French; English-Swahili; English-Ukrainian Speaker/Writer - CHALICE

Oct 19, 2020
Bedford Southeast, Nova Scotia

Throughout the COVID pandemic, as is the case with community organizations in Canada, Chalice overseas partner organizations have had to change how they work. With many partners’ offices closed and staff working from home, we need to decentralize how work is getting done; rather than reports being prepared and sent from offices in English, we need the possibility of non-English speakers being involved in report preparation and submission. 

In order for this to happen, the interface of Chalice’s Sponsor Site database, which is currently in English and Spanish, must be translated into Ukrainian, Swahili and French.  Since this is not a budgeted expense, we are looking for fluent student volunteer speakers/writers of these three languages to work with us to translate the GRID interface.

If interested in this position, please send your resume and cover letter to

Chalice works in impoverished communities to help struggling families overcome the cycle of poverty. Education is the first and most important step in breaking the cycle. Too often, children must skip class or drop out of school to carry water, care for siblings, or earn money for their families.

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