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Abortion Care Nurse - Choice in Health Clinic

Dec 01, 2023
Toronto, Ontario

CHOICE IN HEALTH CLINIC (CIHC) is a non-profit abortion clinic providing abortion services, STI testing, contraception, counselling and systems navigation to clients from across the GTA and beyond. We are currently seeking a Registered Nurse / Registered Practical Nurse to join our team. 

JOB TITLE: Abortion Care Nurse
STATUS: Casual/Relief Role  
HIRING RATE: $21/h- $34/h depending on experience 
ACCOUNTABILITY: This position reports to the Operations Manager. 

ABOUT CIHC: Driven by the desire to increase access and abolish shame, CIHC recognizes that abortion is not merely permissible under the law, but essential, important, positive, and powerful. We first opened our doors in 1988 and are now a licensed and fully funded, non-profit clinic with a community-based board of directors. We receive our funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and we are regulated as an Out-of-Hospital Premises by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. We are also a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and adhere to their standards for abortion care. 

POSITION SUMMARY: Abortion Care Nurses are responsible for client care duties including; surgical pre procedure counselling and assessment; medication abortion education and administration; surgical bedside monitoring and support; and post-surgical care and monitoring. 

ABOUT YOU: You are passionate about abortion access and reproductive justice. You possess assessment skills or have experience in providing pre-operative care and you’d like to put your nursing skill set to work in a client-centered healthcare setting. 

Clinical responsibilities and expectations: 

  • Ability to conduct health assessment, especially related to obstetric history and critical thinking skills to notify healthcare team of any possible contraindications. 

  • Strong assessment skills and abilities to assess vitals (plus ECG if required) 

  • Administration of medications (inhalation, subcutaneous, IV, IM) and management of side effects under medical directives or as prescribed by physician. 

  • Conduct abdominal and/or internal ultrasound imaging for identification of pregnancy. 

  • Conduct health education on abortion care (including surgical and medication abortion processes and recovery) and contraception counselling. 

  • Obtain consent for procedures, IUD/implant insertions and collection of products of conception. 

  • Discuss decision-making with clients, using trauma-informed care frameworks counselling techniques. To provide medical and emotional support referrals/ resources when requested. 

  • Conduct daily medication count (i.e. narcotics). 

  • Emergency management of clinical scenarios (including hemorrhage, airway management, anaphylaxis, overdose/ over-sedation, and seizure management). 

  • Provide recovery care for clients post-procedure, including verbal and written education on post- procedure care and ensure safe discharge of clients. 

  • Perform medical follow up for surgical and medication abortion clients and provide medical support for client call-in inquiries or assessments. 

  • Train new staff, other clinical providers, and students about abortion care. 

Interprofessional collaboration: 

  • Provide verbal report to relevant staff, especially from procedure to recovery. 

  • Facilitate communication within Interprofessional dynamics all appropriate staff during the procedure to ensure highest quality of care. 

  • Facilitate communication within Interprofessional team members during the course of clinical client care to ensure highest quality of care 

  • Communicate and collaborate with Interprofessional health team through relaying any additional, relevant information, additional assessments and referrals (when applicable). 

  • Participate in clinical team meetings and in-service sessions that support CIHC structure to cultivate abortion care that is safe, dignified and inclusive. 


  • Must have a current College of Nurses of Ontario Certificate of Registration as a Registered Nurse / Registered Practical Nurse with good-standing

  • Solid knowledge of and capacity to work within RN scope of practice. Thorough understanding of best practices of nursing related to confidentiality, client safety, privacy and confidentiality. 

  • Intravenous insertion and venipuncture skills. Including insertion and competent management of intravenous medications and fluids. 

  • Knowledge of reproductive and sexual health including pregnancy care, abortion care and contraception, and experience with health teaching. 

  • Demonstrated counselling skills and the possession counselling and crisis interventions skills. 

  • Current BLS certification. 

  • Current certification in ACLS if administering sedation to, monitoring or recovering clients. (RN candidates) 

  • Experience with and commitment to working within an anti-oppression, feminist, anti-racist framework and with clients from a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and social locations. 

  • Genuine respect, empathy for clients and their coping skills and strong abilities in developing therapeutic nurse-client relationships. Experience in de-escalation and counselling on sexual and reproductive health is an asset. 

  • Fluency in spoken and written English. 

  • Demonstrated commitment to women’s and trans’ and non-binary people’s right to make choices in their lives, and the ability to support any client in their choice about having an abortion, regardless of the reason or circumstances. 

  • Knowledge of conducting referrals and community resources. 

  • Ability to foster and maintain positive, professional work relationships. 

  • Strong paper and EMR documentation skills according to best standards of practice (thorough, timely, and accurate). Familiarity with EMR systems is an asset. 


  • Solid pro-choice philosophy, including a demonstrated commitment to clients’ right to make choices in their lives, and the ability to support any client’s choice to have an abortion; 

  • Commitment to working within an anti-oppression framework and with clients from a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and social locations; 

Please forward letter of interest which includes an explanation of your position the issue of abortion; and your resume by Friday, December 1st at 5pm to: 

Hiring Committee (Abortion Care Posting)  
Choice In Health Clinic 


*We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis until the listed deadline.  

CIHC is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion and to building an organization that reflects the communities we serve. We encourage applications from members of the Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities; 2SLGBTQ community; disabled people; and members of other equity seeking groups. 

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