Charity Intelligence Canada

Impact Analyst

Nov 07, 2019
Toronto, Ontario

Charity Intelligence Canada is looking for an intelligent, ambitious person with a strong work ethic to help develop Canada’s first large-scale charity social impact evaluation and rating system. In particular, we are looking for an analyst to work with our senior Charity Intelligence impact analysts to produce consistent, comparable, evidence-based Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluations for Canadian charities across a range of sectors.

You will collaborate closely with executives of a number of charities to refine Ci’s impact methodology and improve charity outcome reporting. You will also independently analyze data from charities and incorporate independent research as needed to calculate evidence-based SROI estimates for each of their programs.  Analysis is often specific to different charity sectors and must be supported by empirical evidence. New assessments represent an opportunity for you to explore unique fields through independent research. Your findings, communicated in a series of reports, will become accepted standards. The successful applicant initially will have a strong level of support from senior analysts to perform the required tasks, but they will be expected to work independently within the first month.

We are looking for someone with a proven academic background with experience in research, strong writing skills, and demonstrated analytical abilities. You will be problem solving and justifying your position on controversial issues regularly. You should expect to operate with integrity and be a team player.

Candidates should be passionate about helping organizations measure and optimize their social impact, and have the following qualifications:
  1. Highly effective oral and written communication skills
  2. Demonstrated ability to work independently at high levels with minimal oversight
  3. Major in economics, statistics, mathematics, or business preferred
  4. Intermediate to advanced proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Word required

Application Instruction

Please email resume, cover letter and a copy of your transcripts to Greg Thomson at

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