Centre for International Health


The Centre for International Health at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto was established in October 2001 and has become the epicentre of global health initiatives for St. George, Scarborough and Mississauga campuses. The Centre for International Health (CIH) is a collaboration of faculty, students and staff. The Centre for International Health has created a University of Toronto cross and multi disciplinary network of partnerships. The CIH be an international preeminent centre for international health scholarship and education which enables and harnesses the multiplicity of talent within the University of Toronto and associated collaborators locally, nationally and internationally.

The CIH is committed to advocate on issues related to health care disparities such as the 10/90 Gap in global health research where 10% of the world's populations receive the benefit of 90% of its research.

The Centre develops and sustains innovative multidisciplinary academic courses, research and other programs, which advocate and advance global health while enhancing education opportunities through work/study in developing countries.

The University of Toronto’s Centre for International Health at the Faculty of Medicine is committed:

  • To enable excellence in global health education and facilitate opportunity for capable and motivated students from UofT.
  • To identify and attract international students and scholars to the UofT for global and other health courses, programs and CIH initiatives.
  • To facilitate, motivate and mobilize cutting edge, exciting, collaborative and interdisciplinary research and education within the Faculty of Medicine and the UofT in general.
  • To include national and international universities and research institutes as UofT collaborators in advancing global health research.
  • To position the CIH at the UofT, nationally and internationally as a preeminent centre for universities, governments and non-government organizations seeking innovative, multidisciplinary resources on global health education and research.
  • To generate intellectual excitement on global health issues at our university, in our communities, across Canada and internationally.
  • To encourage risk taking, innovation and academic leadership.
  • To value, support and reward the work of faculty, staff and academic leadership.