This job is no longer available.

Equity Research Associate - 1-year Internship

Sep 15, 2018
Vancouver, British Columbia

Join the Canalyst Equity Research Team as an Equity Research Associate for a 1-year term, starting in September 2018. With an opportunity to contribute to our database of 3600+ fundamental equity models covering Canada and the US, successful candidates will find themselves increasing their knowledge of the capital markets from a practical perspective.

As capital markets recruiting cycles move earlier and earlier, the need for students to have a differentiated work experience in order to stand out has risen dramatically. Candidates who have successfully completed a 12-month Canalyst internship find themselves in a “top-decile” position vs. peers in terms of their future options.


  • Gain deep sector knowledge by working in one of our industry-specific teams
  • Create detailed financial models on both existing and new coverage
  • Update current financial models for new results
  • Conduct historical financial statement analysis and future period forecasting Work to improve current models and create summary output sheets for company comparison purposes
  • Coordinate, generate and maintain research reports, presentations and databases


  • Attention to detail and ability to carry a task to completion
  • Intense curiosity and ability to learn quickly
  • Good understanding of financial/stock market and accounting principles
  • Ability to perform under pressure and meet time sensitive deadlines, sometimes for extended periods of time
  • Strong  PC skills specifically in Microsoft Office applications and sourcing data from the internet
  • Ability to prioritize work and multi-task responsibilities
  • Self-starter: must be organized and able to work independently
  • Excellent writing and communications skills
  • Good personal skills and the ability to work and coordinate effectively within a team environment
  • Canadian Securities Course and Bloomberg Aptitude Test completion will be looked at positively, but not required

Application Process

Please submit your resume and a Canalyst-specific cover letter to with the specific subject line, Extended Internship Program. You also have the option to provide a supplemental application (max one page per question) by answering either or both of the following:

  1. Pitch an investment idea. Your idea can be on any asset class, in any direction (long or short), and on any time horizon. It can also be a portfolio of different positions.
  2. Explain, in detail, an industry trend or structure that can potentially lead to an investable idea. Please quantify the opportunity as much as possible, particularly vs. current market expectations.

Positioning itself at the intersection of equity research and technology, Canalyst makes generating independent research more efficient. Read the testimonials of our previous team members below:

Braeden Price – Ivey Business School

As my 16-month work term came to an end, I felt far more prepared for finance recruit than I did a year prior. I had been exposed to nearly every industry and had experienced modeling many different types of businesses. After being surrounded with working professionals for over a year, I also felt much more fluent and natural when talking about the capital markets, something that has been invaluable in helping me communicate to professionals. Perhaps more importantly, the story I have developed for myself is genuinely interesting – I believe differentiation is key when it comes to recruitment.

Eric Norman – Sauder School of Business

Deferring the year to work at Canalyst has been one of the best decisions I have made for my professional development. Beyond developing leadership skills, this new position led me to adopt some perspectives of a buyside analyst as I looked for ways to improve models as investment tools for our clientele. As I continued to expand my understanding of the financial markets and Canalyst’s deepening value proposition, I was given the opportunity to be involved in product demos during sales pitches for institutional prospects. I initially felt out of my depth but was quickly forced to develop the business acumen and emotional intelligence necessary to execute in front of prospective clients. Lastly, I felt as though my input pertaining to both organizational as well as strategic issues was highly valued.

Miguel Valarao – The University of British Columbia

Taking an entire year off school to work at Canalyst was an amazing way to foster my modeling skills and learn more about company analysis. When I first started in September, it was clear to me how much I would learn throughout my term. What surprised me however was the welcoming culture, the amount of attention to intern development, and how self-driven our workflow was. Since my internship was longer, I was able to devote more of my energy toward figuring out how to use the models for company analysis and take on more complex projects. Because of this, I felt like I was learning throughout the entirety of my time at Canalyst, especially at the end of my term. For this, I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work at this great company.

Phuong Vu – Sauder School of Business

My 12-month work term allowed me to expand my responsibilities beyond regular day-to-day modeling to training new co-op students and answering any questions they might have to help them succeed during their work term. Through building new models for client requests and updating models during earnings season (which require quick turnaround and high accuracy), I learnt to work well and efficiently under time constraints, while collaborating with my colleagues to succeed as a team. I had the opportunities to meet and work with like-minded students and finance professionals who came from different background and learnt from their expertise.