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Who are we and what do we do?

Bullfrog Power, Canada's leading green energy provider, makes it easy for homes and businesses to switch to 100% renewable energy.

When you choose Bullfrog Power, Bullfrog's generators inject 100% green electricity or 100% green natural gas onto the respective energy system to match the amount of electricity or natural gas your home or business uses. We ensure the energy going onto the systems on your behalf is from clean, renewable sources, displacing energy from polluting sources.

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We are a Canadian success story and we're growing!

This is an ideal opportunity for students, recent grads, or anyone looking to grow their skills, expand their experience, and work on a worthwhile cause.

Candidates should share our passion for transforming challenging situations into opportunities, enjoy meeting new people, and want to make a difference. Bullfrog Power is seeking team members with an entrepreneurial drive coupled with proven communications skills.

Every day, each member of our team contributes their unique talents and passion to greening Canada's energy landscape. If you want to continue learning and growing while making a difference, Bullfrog Power is for you.

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