See Yourself, Be Yourself With Us

At Alberta Health Services (AHS), we strive to clearly and consistently communicate respect and value for all individuals. The more diverse our workforce, the more we all benefit from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We are dedicated to promoting an environment of personal respect, free from harassment and discrimination.

This philosophy is embedded in our core values:

"AHS values the diversity of the people and communities we serve, and is committed to attracting, engaging and developing a diverse and inclusive workforce."

As our workforce more closely reflects the multicultural makeup of our communities, the better we can meet the needs of the people we serve. And a diverse workforce, where all individuals feel equally valued, fosters greater employee satisfaction, innovation and dedication. We are continually working to open doors.

Our goal is to:

  • Provide individuals from different cultures and experiences the opportunity to explore careers in healthcare;
  • Reach out to people from diverse groups and communities with information on possible careers and jobs opportunities with AHS;
  • Continue to work with internal and external groups and organizations to help us achieve these goals.

Whatever your culture, beliefs or background, we encourage you to pursue a career with AHS.