Toronto, Ontario


AIESEC will provide you with a dynamic environment in which you will be able to apply your leadership abilities on a truly global scale, improve your skills, and challenge your own perspectives about yourself and the world around you.

Are you looking for:

A career-launching leadership experience?

An opportunity to work and live abroad?

A network of friends and contacts across Canada and worldwide?

Our self-driven development process is designed for individuals that are prepared to take responsibility over their own learning and development.  The types of young people ideally suited for the opportunities AIESEC offers have the following characteristics:

Leadership ambition or experience

We believe that leaders are not merely individuals that hold a position, but simply people who see where they can make a contribution and take action.  AIESEC offers many challenging leadership roles for individuals that are prepared to take responsibility in their university for acting to make things happen.

Global ambition or experience

AIESEC provides many opportunities for individuals to gain global experiences, by living and working abroad through the global internship program, attending international conferences and working with colleagues around the world.

Desire to contribute to and lead change in the global community

AIESEC creates an environment where you can develop your practical skills and challenge your perspectives about yourself and the forces shaping our global community.  AIESEC enables individuals to acquire both the skills and vision needed to drive change in the global community.