Toronto, Ontario

Tania Spilchen
Founder, One! International
I never dreamed my one-year AIESEC internship to Mumbai (Bombay), India would lead me on a personal journey that eight years later finds me running schools for 160 street kids. Thanks to AIESEC, I discovered how one person could make a difference to the lives of many, one at a time.

Ted Kouri
Principal. Incite Solutions Inc.
I am often asked, “Why did you start your own business?” There’s the long answer about a back-packing trip through Europe with my future business partner and the short answer about being too naïve to know any better. But the real reason stems from my experience with AIESEC.

Laurent Lacoursière
Facilitation Specialist, Royal Bank of Canada
AIESEC proved to me that anything is possible. I never would have dreamed of being one of the leaders of a great organization at the young age of 22 years and having the opportunity to travel around the world. Because of AIESEC, I have life-long friends in different countries, a balanced perspective of the world and a career where I use the passion I discovered and the skills gained over twenty years ago.