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Chang School Fundraising Management Student Brings New Skills Back To Work

Jamie Novak is an archaeology and anthropology grad who works as a Museum Attendant at the Montgomery's Inn Historic Site in Toronto. When the inn came under threat of closure due to proposed budget cuts, Jamie decided to learn more about fundraising management through The Chang School so she could try to create a fundraising strategy and save the historic site.

Social Work Grad Gets The Skills And Work Experience He Needs To Start His Career

Dharmvishal Barot completed a university degree and post-graduate diploma in India, and worked with street youth there before immigrating to Canada. He was keen to transfer his skills, education, and work experience to the field of social work and social services in Canada, and was accepted to the Internationally Educated Social Work Professionals (IESW) bridging program at The Chang School.

FAQ About Taking Continuing Education Courses Online

Online learning has come a long way over the last few years and it's probably not what you imagine – instructors don't just toss all the regular course materials online and leave it at that. At The Chang School, there is a whole department dedicated to making online learning not only educational but also dynamic, engaging, and interactive.

Employer Says Continuing Education Makes You More Competitive In A Tough Job Market

Greg Rogers, Executive Director of the John Howard Society of Toronto, says the job market is still very competitive in a number of industries and, for many people, going back to school is the only way to make yourself more employable by gaining the education, connections, and work experience you need to get your dream job.

How To Balance Full-Time Work With Evening And Weekend Continuing Education Classes

When you start your first "real" job, your first thought probably isn't going back to school. But this phase in your life – when you have few responsibilities – is an ideal time to go back to school and either boost your existing education or change directions. "Taking the time and energy to invest in yourself is always worth it," says Cadence Berry, who discovered that she's interested in a career in project management.

Career-Focused Education In Public Sector Management At The Chang School

If you're passionate about government or you think working in the public sector is a good career move, but you're not a political science grad – don't worry! There are other ways to get the knowledge you need to get your foot in that really big, heavy door.

Chang School Financial Planning Certificate Leads To Career As A Financial Planner

When Harpinder Dhaliwal started working in the financial field in Toronto, he frequently met with financial planners and became interested in going back to school to pursue a career as a financial planner himself.

Ryerson Grad Switched Careers By Completing A Certificate At The Chang School

When you were a high school student applying to college or university, did you know exactly what career you wanted to pursue? Probably not. Check out our Q&A with Bill Chan to learn how he used continuing education to change careers.