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Our international students talks about their experience of studying at Edinburgh Napier University. Read their testimonials.


At an early age I started paying attention to all the ‘behind the scenes’ work so it was an easy choice for me to go to university to study Festival and Event Management. The hard part was finding a university with the type of modules that I wanted. That is the reason I came to study in Scotland. Edinburgh Napier offers the course that I have always wanted to do, but never had access to before.

I decided to do Joint Honours with entrepreneurship because I was brought up on the idea that everyone who wants to be truly successful should have knowledge of how companies work. This is especially important in my case, as one day I would like to have my own company for Festivals and Event Management.

My goal is to begin working my way up the ladder in the corporate events world, eventually making it to one of the top event planners, or managers of the company.

I am willing to work hard in order to turn my dreams into reality. With the help of this course, I believe that is possible.


The staff are friendly and the coffee shop and Chapel at Craiglockhart Campus have great prices of coffee and is a nice place to eat! I also like the facilities at Merchiston Campus. I am studying the MSc International Business Management and in all my lectures and tutorials, the teachers are always talking about different countries and the cultural differences. This is very enriching!

The majority of my tutors are open to answering all questions and know how to deal with students from different nationalities! They are very accessible and available when you need them. There are many support services at Edinburgh and I have spoken with the “CV doctor” which was really helpful because I could change my CV, focusing on the areas that I have more knowledge in and they also gave me advice on how to use the website of the university to find jobs!

The library at the University has everything I need and the staff are always helpful if I have any problems finding anything. My favourite thing about Edinburgh Napier is that when I am unsure of something, I know that somebody in the university will help me to figure out. I´m literally in love with the city of Edinburgh! It is a charming, friendly and lovely city.

If you asked me if I would recommend studying at Edinburgh Napier University, I would say: "Do it", come to Edinburgh! Without any doubts it will be a great experience!

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