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Career coaching from the CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide

As CEO and Chairman of one of the largest digital marketing companies in the world, Brian Fetherstonhaugh knows a thing or two about hatching a successful career — and is now sharing his expert insight with you! His book, The Long View: Career Strategies to Start Strong, Reach High, and Go Far, winner of a 2016 Best Book Award, isn’t just about writing a resume, getting a job, or asking for a raise. It is about planning your career with purpose and using it to help you achieve deeper long term life goals.

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About The Long View
Brian Fetherstonhaugh

From the moment you set foot on the ground floor, you are carving your path for the career of your dreams. Between the first day and the gold watch, however, are decades—decades in which you may need to pivot, to take a step back in order to get ahead, or to change careers entirely. Every choice you make can feel daunting, putting your financial security, your goals, and your happiness at risk.

Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman & CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide, understands this. He believes that every career has three stages, and one has tremendous influence on the next. In this straightforward and engaging guide, Fetherstonhaugh shares both his wisdom and the wisdom of his peers, interviewing colleagues at all points of the career path. These fascinating stories, augmented by the author’s sound advice, aid readers as they make their own decisions. The book also contains a series of highly practical and valuable exercises to guide career seekers as they develop their own strategies for successful and rewarding careers.

Equally indispensable for the just-out-of-college graduate as it is for the established worker contemplating a change, The Long View will help readers determine what factors will bring them their greatest career satisfaction, and then help them foster the skills to achieve it.

About the Author
Brian Fetherstonhaugh

Brian brings a fresh and authoritative view to both sides of the career equation.

For the past 10 years he’s been the global CEO of a leading 5,000+ person digital marketing company, working with top brands such as IBM, American Express, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Unilever, and Nestlé. In this capacity he’s helped to start and develop the careers of thousands of individuals and observed the trajectories of people at all career stages.

Over the past two decades Brian has also become a respected career mentor and thought leader. He has lectured on career strategy at institutions including Yale, Harvard, MIT Sloan School, Columbia, and McGill.

He is also the executive sponsor for Ogilvy’s Young Professional Network and is an advisor to several start-ups run by millennials. Brian has been a board member of Goodwill Industries for over 20 years and is a passionate supporter of its mission to help people gain independence through the power of work.

Born and raised in Montréal, Canada, Brian now resides in New York with his wife, Chris. He plays hockey on Sunday nights, and plays guitar and harmonica in a rock band, aptly named Plan B.