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Photos – Gen Y Recruitment Insider: Behind the Scenes with MasterCard and TD Business Banking

Cassandra Jowett
Last Thursday, TalentEgg hosted the first event in our Gen Y Recruitment Insider series, featuring presentations from TD Business Banking and MasterCard. The Gen Y Recruitment Insider series by TalentEgg is designed to give Canadian recruitment professionals an inside look at the most successful Gen Y focused recruitment and branding campaigns executed by their peers.Read More »

Major milestones at TalentEgg

Cassandra Jowett
You may have noticed a slowdown in updates here on the blog over the past few months. Well, it’s definitely not because we have nothing to write about – we’re just so busy doing so many things we hardly have time to sit down and write about them. From Class to Career TalentEgg now has itsRead More »

Recent grads are the silver lining

Cassandra Jowett
If your network of family and friends is anything like mine, it has undoubtedly been affected by the current economic situation. While catching up with family over the holidays, I’ve heard a handful of stories from some who have already been laid off and others who are crossing their fingers while co-workers with less seniorityRead More »

More on Facebook and your professional life

Cassandra Jowett
Even here at TalentEgg, the connection between Facebook (and other social networking tools) and the professional life of a student or new grad has been touched on here at the blog and discussed extensively in the Egg Carton (the small – but cozy – TalentEgg office). It seems like everyone has their own rule of thumb. Lauren thinks we should avoidRead More »

Employers and students: Not N’Sync

Lauren Friese
Yes, this is quite possibly the corniest blog title…ever…But never mind that! A few observations on the disconnect between employers and students in Canada: In our day-to-day dealing with employers and students, we’ve had the opportunity to pick up on a lot of trends in the entry-level recruitment market. One that particularly stands out, andRead More »