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2 years of

Lauren Friese
Wowee. Today is the two year anniversary of the launch of As I mentioned last year on this day – I will always remember sprinting to the subway station to pick up copies of the Metro with my picture in it and a profile on TalentEgg – officially launching the site and the business.Read More »

Milestones at TalentEgg

Lauren Friese
Every once in a while, we have weeks at work that I know are special. This past week was one of those weeks. 1. We had our first real physical growing pains. And I don’t say “first real” lightly. Those of you who have been following TalentEgg will know that we started out in aRead More »

Young Business Leaders Unleashed- CYBF gets $10M grant

Lauren Friese
When I started my business (– career site for Gen-Y), I received a loan and coaching from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF), and it is an association I am very proud to be a part of-they provide loans and coaching to hundreds of young entrepreneurs across Canada. I’ve written about my experience with CYBFRead More »

2 reasons why Gen-Y’s demands for greater work-life balance is great news for society

Lauren Friese
Gen-Yers are known to put great value on work-life balance. An attribute or quality that is often unwelcome in today’s workplace. Here are 2 reasons why this negative attitude is unfounded, and even kind of hypocritical: 1. Gen-Y was raised by Baby-Boomers who encouraged family and friend time Gen-Y was raised to believe that familyRead More »

TalentEgg & Civiside cause fire in Winnipeg

Lauren Friese
On Tuesday, we issued a joint press release with, which is a site that connects reservists with military-friendly employers. The release deals with Gen-Y and supposed ‘entitlement issues’. Ken argues that accommodating Gen Y’s demands will be bad for society in general and the individual in particular. My argument is…well…opposite: “Lauren argues that GenRead More »