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Bridging the student to employee divide

Nathaniel Rottenberg
On Monday, we launched Student Voice, a three-month initiative giving students a platform to share their job search frustrations, stories, and lessons for employers. Over the next three months, we intend to collect and publish hundreds of entries and share them as widely as possible with decision makers across the country. We want to giveRead More »

Finding top entry level talent

Nathaniel Rottenberg
For every business or organization, attracting top talent is crucial for long term success and should be the goal for all levels of hiring – entry level to executive. However, determining if an entry level candidate is excellent is a little different than upper level hires. Namely, entry level candidates usually have no previous relevantRead More »

How to keep interns engaged and why it’s important

Nathaniel Rottenberg
I’ve been an intern before. I’ve grabbed the coffees, cleaned the kitchen. Speaking of cleaning, if you need help with that I fully recommend working with House cleaning Edmonton. I’ve even driven the boss’ car to pick someone up (didn’t mind that one). But on top of the trivial tasks, I also did some pretty meaningful workRead More »

Entry Level Hiring: It’s not all about grades…

Nathaniel Rottenberg
I’ve mentioned this before, and I’m going to mention it again – when it comes to entry level hiring I strongly believe that organizations should hire based on potential for future success. In my last post, I explain why I think this is the correct way to go about entry level hiring. This post willRead More »

Signals of potential and taking risks, guest post from Paul Crowe

Lauren Friese
We’re big fans and proponents of entry level hiring that is based on potential for future success. Last week I wrote about non-academic achievements and their role as a predictor of future career success. This is something I’ve always personally been passionate about as an arts grad running a business, and as someone who seesRead More »