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Photos – Gen Y Recruitment Insider: Behind the Scenes with MasterCard and TD Business Banking

Cassandra Jowett
Last Thursday, TalentEgg hosted the first event in our Gen Y Recruitment Insider series, featuring presentations from TD Business Banking and MasterCard. The Gen Y Recruitment Insider series by TalentEgg is designed to give Canadian recruitment professionals an inside look at the most successful Gen Y focused recruitment and branding campaigns executed by their peers.Read More »

Poll results: When do students look for entry level jobs?

Cassandra Jowett
TalentEgg has long suspected that there is a discrepancy between when students look for entry-level jobs and when employers are recruiting and hiring for the majority of their entry-level jobs, however the results of our latest poll confirm it. We asked students and recent graduates: When did you or will you start searching for yourRead More »

Finding top entry level talent

Nathaniel Rottenberg
For every business or organization, attracting top talent is crucial for long term success and should be the goal for all levels of hiring – entry level to executive. However, determining if an entry level candidate is excellent is a little different than upper level hires. Namely, entry level candidates usually have no previous relevantRead More »

Entry Level Hiring: It’s not all about grades…

Nathaniel Rottenberg
I’ve mentioned this before, and I’m going to mention it again – when it comes to entry level hiring I strongly believe that organizations should hire based on potential for future success. In my last post, I explain why I think this is the correct way to go about entry level hiring. This post willRead More »

On Campus Recruitment: Identifying the Superstars

Lauren Friese
This is a guest post by Claire Westgate who is the Events & Employer Services Coordinator at the University of Toronto Mississauga Career Centre. Claire came to the UTM Career Centre after working both at the St. George campus and in corporate recruitment. There is always a flurry of activity in the Career Centre inRead More »