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TalentEgg’s latest event a big success

Michelle Sammut
On Thursday, November 13th, TalentEgg hosted an open house and networking event at The Egg Carton. The evening was a unique opportunity for campus recruiters to meet and connect with one another over a TalentEgg Scrambler (our new signature drink)! More photos from the event are available on our Flickr page, thanks the work ofRead More »

TalentEgg = Heart (and what’s in store for 2014)

Lauren Friese
I was thinking about the holidays recently while reviewing notes for a presentation I was giving to employers on how to best recruit Generation Y. Looking over my notes and reflecting on the many presentations I’ve given over the last few years, and the countless conversations that Steph has had with top employers across theRead More »

TalentEgg’s open house and birthday party

Cassandra Jowett
Last night we held our first event at the new Egg Carton to celebrate our new space and our recent 5th birthday. Tons of campus recruitment professionals came and went throughout the night, enjoying the great conversations, networking, food and drinks. Thank you to everyone who stopped in to celebrate with us – we hadRead More »

Best birthday present ever!

Cassandra Jowett
Choosing a birthday present for a person, especially those who “have everything” they ever wanted or needed are often a frightening task for the wife, girlfriend and even the youngsters. Who started this birthday rather than month anyhow? Was it the people that need to search endlessly for a few unusual birthday present for DadRead More »

Behind the scenes of the TalentEgg office decorating team challenge

Cassandra Jowett
Last week, TalentEgg staff members participated in a chouprojects challenge which tasked us with decorating our offices at The Egg Carton around a theme or brand and presenting it to the rest of the team on Friday afternoon. The reason we had the staff members take on this activity was because we had finalized afterRead More »