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How to take student relationships from on-campus to online

Cassandra Jowett
You’ll meet thousands of students on-campus during the campus recruitment period this fall, have some really meaningful conversations about your organization…and then what? It’s essential that you are able to transfer those encounters with students to ongoing engagement with you and your organization online so you can leverage those relationships throughout the year. Ask studentsRead More »

Poll results: Have you ever attended a career fair on your campus?

Cassandra Jowett
Our survey of campus recruitment professionals showed that 75% of them will attend zero-to-5 on-campus career fairs this year, and perhaps one of the reasons for that is employers are realizing that the majority of students do not attend them. The results of a recent homepage poll show that while two thirds of studentsRead More »

Gen Y Recruitment Insider: Campus Recruitment Trends for 2011-2012

Cassandra Jowett
When campus recruiters, marketers, human resources professionals and others registered to attend our recent Gen Y Recruitment Insider event, we asked them to fill out an informal survey about their strategies for the upcoming year. The results show that while some things will remain the same this year – such as, 69% of respondents areRead More »

On Campus Recruitment: Identifying the Superstars

Lauren Friese
This is a guest post by Claire Westgate who is the Events & Employer Services Coordinator at the University of Toronto Mississauga Career Centre. Claire came to the UTM Career Centre after working both at the St. George campus and in corporate recruitment. There is always a flurry of activity in the Career Centre inRead More »

Maximize your career fair experience

Nathaniel Rottenberg
On Monday, I wrote a post examining the value of career fairs. I was pretty critical. I wrote the post for two reasons. The first was to share a perspective that some students may agree with. The second reason, and the more important of the two, was to generate a discussion that would hopefully helpRead More »