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TalentEgg’s open house and birthday party

Last night we held our first event at the new Egg Carton to celebrate our new space and our recent 5th birthday.

Tons of campus recruitment professionals came and went throughout the night, enjoying the great conversations, networking, food and drinks.

Thank you to everyone who stopped in to celebrate with us – we had an egg-cellent time and we hope you did too. It was a fantastic warm-up for the 2013 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference on May 14! Click here to learn more and register for the conference.

Here’s a recap of some of the action from last night’s festivities:

Best birthday present ever!

This week we received an eggs-traordinary birthday present from a young member of the extended TalentEgg family!

Addison, age 6, heard that we recently celebrated our 5th birthday and wanted to draw a picture of some of the TalentEgg team for us.

Lauren showed off the beautifully-wrapped gift to the team before unwrapping it.

Then we all gathered around to admire Addison's drawing.

Best birthday present ever!

This eggs-quisite work of art is now hanging on the wall at the Egg Carton. And it’s not our first Addison original either – she gave us another drawing of some of the TalentEgg team back in 2011!

From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you Addison! You are an egg-cellent artist and we can already tell that you’re going to hatch a very successful career one day!

Addison proudly showing off her work of art.

Special thanks to Addison’s mom, Lisa Kramer, for taking care of the logistics on this very important project, including art supplies and delivery.

Happy 5th birthday, TalentEgg!

Today, TalentEgg turns 5.

On April 2, 2008, the article “Hatching grad careers” was featured in Metro and, with that, was officially launched.

Two weeks later, we were featured on Breakfast Television, followed by The Financial Post and several other major media outlets.

By September 2008, we were onto the second version of our website and already working with some of Canada’s top employers, including BDO, Enterprise, Kraft, Molson Coors and Procter & Gamble, all of whom are still among our hundreds of clients today.

Over the years, we’ve launched numerous innovations:

We have definitively led the industry and established ourselves as the #1 job board and online career resource for students and recent graduates in Canada, and grown from 15,000 unique student and recent graduate visitors per month in our first year to over 250,000 per month today.

But if I had to sum it up, I’d say that our overall achievements have been twofold:

  1. Facilitating unprecedented access to meaningful, career launching opportunities for students and recent graduates, and conversely connecting employers across the country with top Gen Y talent.
  2. Passionately, tirelessly and relentlessly raising the profile of the campus recruitment industry and youth employment in Canada.

And with that, today I am proud to announce the launch of Bright Ideas, a new crowd-sourcing initiative by TalentEgg that aims to find solutions to Canada’s youth unemployment problem.

Since TalentEgg launched, the youth unemployment situation in our country has gone from bad to worse for many students: the youth unemployment rate currently sits at 14.7% – about double the national average – and some estimate that youth under-employment may be as high as 50%. That means more college and university educated young people working in jobs that don’t require their level of education than ever before.

TalentEgg has worked with Canada’s top employers, colleges and universities from across the country, as well as millions of students and recent graduates for over five years now. Over that time, we have come to realize that all stakeholders – government, post-secondary institutions, community service providers, employers, businesses like TalentEgg and individuals like you – need to put their heads together to inspire real change and come up with positive ideas for solutions to youth un- and under-employment.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Visit Bright Ideas and submit your own youth unemployment solution – big or small. It’s easy!
  2. Ask your friends, family, colleagues and classmates to up-vote your bright idea, and up-vote others that you agree with. The more votes, the better the idea!

Ultimately, your ideas can help bring about change in youth unemployment – the best and brightest ideas will be voted to the top, and will be shared with key stakeholders.

Let’s get cracking! Together, we can inspire positive change in youth unemployment in Canada.

Behind the scenes at TalentEgg: Dan, Account Director

TalentEgg’s 5th anniversary is coming up and, to shed light on our success, we’re bringing the TalentEgg community behind the scenes of what we do here at the Egg Carton.

We’re a tight-knit, passionate team that is working hard to help students and new grads hatch their careers, and connect employers with top Gen Y talent. We’re eggs-tremely proud of everything we’ve accomplished over the last five years – and the good news is we’re just getting started!

Visit the TalentEgg blog each week for a new perspective on our team and the work we do both at our downtown Toronto office and on college and university campuses across Canada.

Meet Dan, TalentEgg’s Account Director

Whether you’re using TalentEgg as a student to find a job, or as an employer to recruit students and recent grads, you’re probably already familiar with Dan’s work.

As our Account Director, alongside the rest of the Accounts team, he works with hundreds of employers – our clients – to not only manage their campaigns but exceed their expectations.

TalentEgg is used by far more employers than any other job board for students and recent graduates, so Dan is always busy creating impressive employer profiles, adding new jobs, and co-ordinating with other members of the team.

With new employers joining TalentEgg all the time, there’s never a dull moment – and that’s one of the things Dan loves most about his job here at TalentEgg!

More information:

Interested in learning about how you can join the hundreds of employers already using TalentEgg? Click here.

Join TalentEgg for the “Generation Jobless” live chat event on Jan. 31

CBC Doc Zone Generation Jobless live chat event featuring TalentEgg

Earlier this month, we announced that TalentEgg founder Lauren Friese will appear in CBC Doc Zone’s “Generation Jobless” on Jan. 31 at 9 p.m.

While the documentary airs across Canada, Lauren and I will also participate in a live chat event on the Doc Zone website from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern time.

We hope you’ll watch this very important documentary and invite you to join us for the live chat event on

We’re certain there will be some lively discussion, and our ultimate goal is to provide additional insight and advice to students, recent graduates and their parents, as well as other stakeholders in the conversation about youth unemployment and underemployment in Canada.

Doc Zone has also released an extended trailer for the documentary, which you can watch below: