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Internships after Graduation…Not a Bad Idea


I just read this article in Toronto Star about the internship program at the Ontario Legislature and the ” fabulous experience (it is) for both the interns and the MPPs” and it made me think… If you are having a tough time finding a new grad job (have you checked out yet?) maybe itsRead More »

Congratulations to Kraft!!


The team here at TalentEgg just wanted to congratulate Kraft on their most recent award!! They were recently named the 2008 Marketer of the Year by Marketing Magazine. If you would like to check out the full article, it is entitled “2008 Marketer of the Year: Quality Kraft-Manship” by Matt Semansky. Kraft has supported someRead More »

How TalentEgg is different than workopolisCampus and Monster for new grads and students:


So you just graduated from university, you take a deep breath and come to the humbling conclusion that you must become a real person and get a job. Great. If you don’t have a job waiting for you this is where it can start to get a little tricky. Being the extremely resourceful person thatRead More »

In Campus Recruiting: Out with the old, in with the new


Things are changing, and they are changing fast. Practices that were common place for hundreds of years have recently been almost completely wiped out by new technologies. When was the last time you sent a paper letter to a friend? I know I haven’t sent one in years. Email is way too effective and convenientRead More »

Connecting Gen Y and Employers: Bridging the Gap


I just wrote an article in the learn section about how important timing can be in terms of finding the right job. Students look for jobs in April and employers are hiring in September, and as you can imagine, this creates a problem. The article is directed towards students, but there is a lesson toRead More »