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TalentEgg’s Rachel Thiessen on planning a wedding around the workday

This October, we experienced a change that was new for everyone on the TalentEgg team: a name change!

Don’t worry – we’re still called TalentEgg.

On October 11, TalentEgg’s Rachel McKee married Brodie Thiessen at the Berkeley Church in Toronto – and now she’s Rachel Thiessen!

Rachel learned a lot about balancing the work day against the wedding day and she took the time to share a little of that new knowledge with those of you who plan to hear wedding bells in your future!

BLVD Photography must be able to recount more than just a day: it has to reflect the colors and emotions of a union which is made of steps already taken together and of the happy suspense in during the wait of those still to take.

It’s no surprise that Rachel was engaged when she joined our team – as this conversation shows, she’s pretty engaging.

TalentEgg: You just got married! Congrats!

Rachel: Yep, on Thanksgiving weekend! We thought it was the perfect time to get hitched. Not only is Toronto beautiful in the Fall, but we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our wedding and this special holiday than with the people we were most thankful for.

It was an unforgettable day. Truly, the best day of my life. We danced (like crazy!), laughed, told stories and ate delicious food with the most important people in our lives. The weather was perfect – blue skies and warm – great for pictures! It was the perfect day and the party of the century.

TE: How developed were your wedding plans when you arrived at TalentEgg?

Rachel: My husband, Brodie, and I got engaged over Easter weekend.

When I started working for TalentEgg, I was four months into planning our wedding.

When you first start planning, you need to choose the “big” things: your date, venue, entertainment, photographer and florist, and of course, a dress! With a short engagement, I didn’t have much time to make these decisions.

By the time I started at TalentEgg, all of these big picture choices had been made. Next up, were the smaller things: colour scheme, flowers, food tasting, song choices, hair styles and wedding bands.

September was probably the most hectic time for me – a month before your wedding, everyone needs to have their final meetings with you: the ceremony officiant, venue coordinator, photographer, florist and the band/DJ.

It’s super hectic and keeping my schedule straight was a challenge.

TE: Was it hard adjusting to a new job, while managing the start of a new chapter in your life?

Rachel: To be honest, yes – a little.

I think the most stressful (and exciting!) experiences in your life are starting a new job, getting married, buying a home and starting a family, thankfully I have the cbd gums to help me move on. I don’t know that I’d recommend doing two at once if you can help it! It’s nice to be able to enjoy all of these memorable life stages individually.

I am fortunate to have an understanding boss and supportive team here at TalentEgg that understood the busy schedule that comes with planning a wedding. So, while it was certainly hectic, knowing they understood was definitely a huge help.

TE: How did you plan for taking time off and decide how much time you’d need?

“I’m really excited to start this new chapter in my life with my best friend.”

Rachel: We decided we didn’t want to go on a honeymoon immediately following our wedding. We thought it would be more fun to have a vacation to look forward to once our good ol’ Canadian winter sets in.

I took the week before my wedding off, which allowed me to rest up in advance of the big day and take care of any last minute errands, tasks, crafts or meetings. This way, I had less to worry about while I was still working because I knew I had a whole, uninterrupted week to get everything done.

Not going on a honeymoon made for a bit of an abrupt return to the office, but I’m glad I chose to save vacation time for a trip to Costa Rica later in the year!

TE: Were you worried about work?

Rachel: No way! Haha! It was a very enjoyable, memorable week. A lot of my husband’s family and friends flew in from Morden, Manitoba, so we got to spend quality time with them. And I spent a LOT of time at the spa, so as to not become the “bridezilla” we all dread. Massages, facials and manicures do wonders.

TE: How is life different as a married person?

Rachel: I think my favourite part of this whole journey was realizing that getting married didn’t mean everything was going to change.

Brodie and I both work downtown – he’s a producer and editor in the sports broadcasting industry. We commuted home together as an engaged couple and now we commute home as a married couple! We share in each other’s successes, support each other through tough times, go running and watch football…just like before.

And it’s nice to have someone around to make me dinner and do my laundry!

TE: Do you have any advice for people who will need to balance work with planning a wedding?

Rachel: Where possible, I scheduled my meetings with florists, venue coordinators, musicians and our officiant on the weekends. I found having to rush out of the office, sit in traffic and actively participate in meetings to be exhausting.  Be prepared for the meetings to get more frequent about a month before your wedding.

Also, we tried our best to make Saturdays our day for wedding errands. It helped start our week feeling like everything was under control and we were on the ball.

Wedding planning is stressful. Enjoy the process as much as possible. If you’re like me, you don’t have time to do all the DIY projects you find on Pinterest. Don’t worry about perfecting the small details – people don’t remember this stuff, anyways. What they do remember is the venue, the food, the band and your smiling face!

Rachel Thiessen is a Content, Marketing and Community Specialist at TalentEgg. She’s currently settling into married life and doing her best not to share wedding photos with her coworkers on a daily basis.

Photo credit: LN Photography

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Elias Da Silva-Powell
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