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Egg-cellent feedback from students and recent grads

Here at TalentEgg, we’re all really passionate about making the school-to-work transition easier for students and recent grads, and connecting employers with top Gen Y talent.

Each of us strongly believes in our mission because we’ve all been there at one point or another in our careers – we’re creating the career resources we wish we had as students and recent grads, as well as the services that make it easier for employers to recruit them.

That’s why we get so egg-cited when we get feedback from young people at various stages of their careers who use TalentEgg and find it useful for their own careers! We regularly hear from students and new grads by email, on Facebook and on Twitter saying they love TalentEgg, or that our career resources and job listings helped them hatch their careers.

This week, we got an amazing email from Jessica, a biotechnology student at the University of Toronto, so we were inspired to share it with you here on our blog!

This is what Jessica had to say:

I’m a graduate student at the University of Toronto in the Masters of Biotechnology program. I was simply browsing through LinkedIn and happened to stumble upon And I must say, I was incredibly impressed. Your website embodies all of the support and tools that recent grads need. I have several friends who are in the exact same position as those in your Student Voice section and have passed along this website to them. You are doing an amazing job! Just by exploring the website, I feel that you truly understand what the recent grads of today are going through. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

Thanks Jessica. Same to you!

My favourite feedback to get is from students and grads who say they’ve actually gotten job interviews or landed a job. Here are a couple that I’ve saved:

Thanks to everyone who’s shared their success with us! We’re so egg-cited that we could help you hatch your career. That’s exactly what we’re here for!

What about you – do you have any feedback to share with us?

Feel free to leave your success stories, thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below or !

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Cassandra Jowett is TalentEgg's Content Manager. She joined the team as a student intern in the summer of 2008, and since then her heart has never really left the Egg Carton. Cassandra is a recent graduate of the Ryerson University School of Journalism, where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism with a focus in writing and editing for newspapers. She has also written and edited for The Globe and Mail, The National Post, t.o.night newspaper and other publications.
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