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TalentEgg’s Student Voice wins CACEE Excellence in Innovation Award

At the 2012 CACEE (Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers) National On-Campus Recruitment Conference in Quebec City on June 3, TalentEgg received the CACEE Excellence in Innovation Award in the Student Engagement category for Student Voice.

TalentEgg’s Student Voice wins CACEE Excellence in Innovation Award

From “[This award] recognizes the best information, program, or resource directed to students.  Information must be offered to the students free of charge. Entries will be judged on:  Program need/objectives, design, creativity, innovation, measured outcomes, ease of replication.”

About Student Voice:

Student VoiceIn March 2011, TalentEgg started to receive countless emails, message board posts and messages via our social media channels from desperate soon-to-be grads and summer job-hunting students who were panicking about finding meaningful work.

Little did they know, soon-to-be grads had missed their opportunity for most grad programs by six months, and summer-job-hunting students were also two months late. Like 80% of the student population, they did not know that the vast majority of campus recruitment for entry level and summer jobs takes place in September and January, respectively.

TalentEgg conducted some preliminary research and found a recent report stating that, of 17 OECD countries examined, Canada boasted the highest rate of youth underemployment at the time. No wonder students were frustrated and desperate!

In response, TalentEgg immediately launched Student Voice, a one-of-a-kind blog and forum where students can share their job hunting stories – the good with the bad – as well as their messages to employers, career centres and others who might make a difference for future cohorts of students.

Student Voice exploded in popularity, receiving national news coverage in The Globe and Mail, on Canada AM, and on countless radio programs. Numerous student groups, publications and career centres also demonstrated their passion for the project by spreading the word about Student Voice online.

For students, it has become an invaluable resource to learn and gain inspiration from other students and recent graduates who have shared their success stories of finding their dream jobs. Perhaps more importantly, however, it is a community for those who feel frustrated and alone in their job search. Through Student Voice, they can learn that they are not alone – that job hunting is hard and they are not the only ones struggling.

As of today, the stories of 125 students and recent graduates have been published on Student Voice, and numerous special career centre and employer stories have been posted as well to stimulate conversation between the three groups, and further educate students about the campus recruitment activities occurring on-campus and elsewhere throughout the year.

Student Voice remains an integral part of the website and resource suite for students. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the Student Voice initiative is that it is available weekly in Metro newspapers across Canada, reaching and helping millions across the country every Wednesday.

Thank you!

We would like to thank CACEE for selecting TalentEgg as the recipient of this award, as well as the hundreds of students, recent grads, employers and career centres who have shared their stories on Student Voice over the last 15 months!

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Cassandra Jowett is TalentEgg's Content Manager. She joined the team as a student intern in the summer of 2008, and since then her heart has never really left the Egg Carton. Cassandra is a recent graduate of the Ryerson University School of Journalism, where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism with a focus in writing and editing for newspapers. She has also written and edited for The Globe and Mail, The National Post, t.o.night newspaper and other publications.
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