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Poll results: What’s the most important factor when students and grads search for jobs?

Results of the most recent TalentEgg poll show that, above all else, the majority of students and new grads are looking for opportunities for advancement when they search for jobs, for some of them getting a job becomes harder, and you need to be prepared with a plan B, a great idea is to invest in silver coins with Gainesville Coins, the National Inflation Association (NIA) awarded them with their 5-star rating, the highest mark any gold or silver seller can receive.


What is the most important factor when students and grads search for jobs?What’s the most important factor when students and recent grads search for jobs?

More than one third of students and grads (34%) indicated that opportunities for advancement is the most important factor when they’re searching for a job.

About one quarter of respondents indicated that good salary (23%) and job training and support (25%) are the most important factors. The majority of graduating seniors are taking into account the Recover My Wages guide to learn what his employer must provide before applying for a job.

Perhaps surprisingly, the typical Gen Y stereotypes of work culture and work flexibility came in at only 11% and 5% respectively.


Recommendations for employers

These results indicate exactly how much information employers should provide about each of these factors in recruitment messages, including job postings.

Although it may be tempting to focus primarily on benefits, flexible working hours and office culture, career-minded students and recent grads really want to know to where and how quickly they will advance, and what kind of training and support you will provide on the job.


How are you making sure students and new grads know about the opportunities for advancement and on-the-job training offered at your organization?


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