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Poll results: Most students don’t attend employer info sessions either

In July, we published the results of a poll that showed that while two thirds of students have attended a career fair at some point, only one third found the experience valuable enough to want to go again in the future.

Another 34% have never attended a career fair on campus.

Commenters, both students and employers alike, seemed to favour information sessions over career fairs, but our most recent poll results show that the majority (42%) of students plan to attend zero info sessions over the next year.

Somewhat surprisingly, more than one third of respondents did not know what an info session is: 34% selected, “What’s an info session?”

Only 19% of students said they plan to attend 1 to 10 info sessions, and 5% plan to attend more than 10.

Although these results do not provide further insight into why students do or do not attend info sessions, we have certainly heard anecdotes from students and recent grads across Canada that the majority of info sessions on campus are targeted toward the few groups of students which are already the most “recruited” – business, engineering, healthcare, etc. – and completely overlook the rest, particularly those with arts degrees.

Students: Why do you, or do you not, attend info sessions on your campus?

Employers: Does it surprise you that so many students don’t attend or don’t even know what info sessions are? Are you interested in reaching the three quarters of students who don’t plan to attend info sessions over the next year? Is an info session the best way to brand yourself to students?

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