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Gen Y Recruitment Insider: Behind the Scenes with Nancy Moulday at TD Business Banking

Nancy Moulday, Manager Recruitment, TD Business Banking

Did you miss our Gen Y Recruitment Insider event last week? Don’t worry. We’ve summarized the top tips from our first two Gen Y Recruitment Insider presentations.

Nancy Moulday, Manager Recruitment, TD Business Banking

Nancy Moulday, Manager Recruitment, TD Business Banking

Check out the main messages from Nancy Moulday’s presentation, where she shared some of the most successful tried, tested and true recruitment strategies – as well as the emerging digital ones – that she employs at TD Business Banking.

The evolution of the recruitment process
With more than 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Nancy has seen the company transition from paper resumés and fax machines to using TalentEgg and social media.

The need for student recruitment is there
TD Business Banking has hired 700 people in the last three years and about 60% were student or new grad hires. In order to hire such a large quantity of students and recent grads, Nancy focused on constantly keeping them engaged through on-campus and online activities.

Building a brand
TD Business Banking’s major barrier was breaking the stereotype of what a career in banking was. Students thought their only options in banking were to become a teller or an investment banker. They broke this stereotype by engaging students and building brand awareness.

Deciding which tools NOT to use
LinkedIn is where you go to recruit experienced professionals; it is not the best place to recruit students. Facebook, although actively used by students, is a personal domain that is difficult to access.

The solution?
In order to engage students at the campuses that Nancy can’t visit, and among students who can’t attend events on campuses she does visit, Nancy uses TalentEgg and social media to engage Gen Y and inform them about careers with TD Business Banking.

Targeted campaigns on TalentEgg
Nancy uses TalentEgg to create targeted campaigns that only promote careers with TD Business Banking in lesser-known sectors such as agricultural services and real estate.

Stephanie Snyder, account manager, TD Agriculture Services

Make use of interactive media
Go beyond the typical job posting and include content that gives students an intimate look at your business. The TalentEgg targeted campaign included an editorial feature of a “Day in the Life” of a new graduate Agricultural Services Account Manager, which included photos and a testimonial from a current employee. This was a great way to a) create interest in the job among a new demographic and, b) provide detailed information on what the job entailed.

Give back to schools and students
Every so often, Nancy travels to schools and gives free career advice to students (resumé and cover letter help, mock interviews, etc.) Kind of like a professor’s “office hours”, but for careers – she calls it “Nancy’s In The House!”

Recruit year-round!
Recruiting and building your brand is a continual process. If you only recruit in September, you’re narrowing your applicant pool and putting yourself at a disadvantage. TD Business Banking recruits throughout the year to ensure that they are sourcing top students and entry level candidates.

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