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Welcome to our new Assistant Editors! & TalentEgg’s Incubator hits 300 posts

Holy cow – that’s a lot of content.

Milestones like this make me sentimental, and the Incubator is especially close to my heart as its launch and growth have led to so many opportunities for us, and provided so much value to TalentEgg readers.

Congratulations to Cassandra, our Editor-extraordinaire and our fantastic contributors.

This is also a perfect opportunity announce our brand new Assistant Editors!!

A big, huge, gigantic, egg-shaped welcome to:

Danielle Lorenz
Kelly Hinton
Julie-Anne Cleyn
Nicole Wray

Some of these names are familiar to regular readers of The Incubator, while others, like Kelly, are newer.

Tune in for more info on the newest additions to the TalentEgg team, as well as the announcement of our new LAUNCH editors!

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Lauren Friese is the founder of TalentEgg. After graduating from Queen's University and receiving her Masters from the London School of Economics, Lauren entered the workforce. She landed her first ‘real’ job shortly after, but thought there had to be a better way to transition from school to work. The idea was born and TalentEgg hatched in April 2008! Contact her at
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