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TD’s The Hunt – a 360 view on finding a great job

Over the past several weeks (months?!) we have been involved in a video series called The Hunt, sponsored by TD.

The Hunt is about job hunting for students and recent grads.

When thinking about resources for students and recent grads, I have always been adamently against objective advice. That sounds weird, right?

But what I mean by that is that I don’t think there’s particular value in ‘Top 10 ways to write your resume’, or ‘3 ways to ace an interview’.

Where I do see value is in sharing life experiences, and learning from the life experiences of others. So instead, you get ’10 ways I made my resume stand out‘, ‘3 ways I aced my finance interviews‘.

And that’s why The Hunt is so cool. Instead of presenting only the point of view of the sponsor, The Hunt tackles issues such as Resumes, Interviews, Job Searching, and Networking from 4 different perspectives: Students, Employers, Career Centres, and Experts.


  • You get the first hand ‘I’m going through this right now’ perspective. (Students and Recent Grads)
  • You get the first hand ‘I’m actually screening these students and know what I’m looking for and who I hire’ perspective. (Employers)
  • You get the first hand ‘My day job is to know everything about these topics’ perspective. (Career Centres)
  • and You get the first hand ‘I sit in the middle- I deal with both employers and students on a daily basis’ perspective (Experts)
  • We, along with several Incubator contributors, are very happy to have been involved in this great series!

    Check them out here.

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Lauren Friese is the founder of TalentEgg. After graduating from Queen's University and receiving her Masters from the London School of Economics, Lauren entered the workforce. She landed her first ‘real’ job shortly after, but thought there had to be a better way to transition from school to work. The idea was born and TalentEgg hatched in April 2008! Contact her at
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