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Recruit Top Talent!

Want to work at TalentEgg? …We’re looking for a summer student.

NOTE MAY 26: Position is now closed!

Here’s the deal:

We want to hear from talented students that are looking for a fun and challenging work experience.

And that’s all, really.

Skills you already have aren’t as important as the skills you WANT to have… and at TalentEgg you’ll have the opportunity to work in sales, marketing, PR, and maybe even a bit of journalism.

Arts student looking to get some really challenging, really unique experience? Perfect.

Here’s the full role description.

If you’re interested, drop us a line at

PS the role will be based in downtown Toronto though hours and location will be flexible.

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Lauren Friese is the founder of TalentEgg. After graduating from Queen's University and receiving her Masters from the London School of Economics, Lauren entered the workforce. She landed her first ‘real’ job shortly after, but thought there had to be a better way to transition from school to work. The idea was born and TalentEgg hatched in April 2008! Contact her at
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