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Couples Sex Toys

The act of making love is an extremely passionate process that involves timing and ability to stimulate the partner. It takes two people to experience ultimate sexual bliss and this makes it necessary for couples to look at all possible means of stimulating the other. Despite all preparations and the mood to indulge in sexual activity, it may be necessary to rely on other resources to get the rhythm and the timing right. The best option is to use sex toys that are intended for synchronized use by couples or by individuals for self stimulation. It is necessary to choose the right kind of toys that can be used at the right time to get the best results. This effectively means that you should be able to use toys that can fully stimulate the other partner, till multiple rounds of orgasm are achieved. Here are tips to choose the right kind of couples sex toys.

Adequate Power To Last One Full Session

It is necessary to ensure that the product that is powered adequately to last one full session. A large number of devices that are presently available in the market are powered by USB cables. If you have not seen these types of vibrators or any sex toys for that matter, Fiona Petree of has a list you can look into to try. This product will not have sufficient power to drive the sex toy throughout the session. It is therefore essential to choose a product that runs with power from a regular power socket. In the event that you need to use a battery-powered sex toy, choose one that is rated for longer performance with higher power. You certainly do not want to be stranded in the middle of an inspiring and energetic session with a product that has suddenly run out of battery. However, it needs to be remembered that certain mild stimulating actions from sex toys can be achieved without the need for power.

Form Factor Of The Sex Toys

This is perhaps the most important aspect that needs to be considered when you purchase a sex toy. Without the right kind of shape and size, you will not be able to achieve any of the outcomes that you intend to achieve with the sex toy. Therefore choose a sex toy that will perfectly fit in with your requirements. This needs to be assessed on the basis of the dimensions, your requirements and what you precisely intend to achieve with the object. The form factor also needs to be checked on the basis of the power that drives the action. For instance, a sex toy that requires actions from you, and a sex toy that does not require actions from you, have different requirements as far as shape and size is concerned. Objects that do not require any kind of action from you, need to be purpose-built and of the right fit. Objects that are handled by humans can be handled and maneuvered by humans in such a manner so as to optimize performance.

Skin Friendly Materials

It is extremely important to choose sex toys that are made from skin friendly materials. This will prevent rashes or allergies from affecting you or your partner when the sex toy is used. Choose products that are made from highly advanced materials of the right grade such as PVC. This will not cause friction or any kind of vibration when used on sensitive skin. There is every possibility that a sex toy may be used with more than necessary force at times. This is possible in a moment of uncontrolled passion and can cause painful injuries. It is therefore necessary to choose a product that will not cause any kind of friction even when more force than is necessary is used on the object.

When you choose a sex toy ensure that you choose one that is easy to clean and maintain. It is entirely true that certain complicated designs may actually offer the greatest pleasure, it is also important to understand that it is not meant for one time usage. Consequently, you clean and repeatedly use the product. Choose one that is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Not only will this save a lot of time spent on understanding the cleaning process, it will also ensure that you do not end up with unwanted allergies and rashes. Since private parts are susceptible to growth of bacteria, it is of paramount importance to ensure that anything that comes in contact with the private part is scrupulously cleaned.

Egg-citing news: TalentEgg and CharityVillage

July 7, 2015

To the TalentEgg community:

I’m extremely egg-cited to announce that TalentEgg Inc. has been acquired by CharityVillage Ltd., the largest and most popular job board for Canada’s nonprofit sector.

My TalentEgg journey started in 2008 when I was a recent university graduate experiencing the school-to-work transition firsthand. TalentEgg started modestly with the not-so-modest goal of providing a first-of-its-kind solution in Canada: A centralized online career resource and job board specifically for students and recent grads, offering career launching opportunities with industry leading employers. If you are a fan of online gaming, there has never been a better time to look at all the gaming options available to you. Canadian players have more options than ever, with many of the best online casino options like agen idn poker where you can find exciting games, welcome bonus options including free spins and real money, exciting pgslot, and more.

TalentEgg has grown in many ways since 2008, and we continue to lead our industry through hard work, passion, and constant innovation. TalentEgg now attracts over 4 million students and recent grads each year and, as a company, works with many of Canada’s top employers – Accenture, CNRL, Enterprise Holdings, IBM, Kraft, KPMG, Northern Health Authority, P&G, RBC, Suncor, TJX and many others – to help them attract, target, and recruit students and recent grads. Visit Amazon.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of hearing many success stories from the TalentEgg community: a recent grad finding unexpected success in his career, spurred by an email blast he received from TalentEgg, a previously lost student thanking us for giving her direction and hope, a client being celebrated internally for her company’s success in using TalentEgg to recruit top grads, and many more. If you are looking for the Top Real Estate Agents in Canada, in you can find all what you need

The best part about my journey with TalentEgg is knowing that there are millions of other stories out there; TalentEgg has played and continues to play a significant role in helping students, grads and employers reach their potential.

Over the past 7+ years, I’ve told my TalentEgg story countless times – in presentations, to the media, and in casual conversations. But in reality, TalentEgg has long stopped being about my story. In fact, the journey is just beginning, and it couldn’t be in better hands.

Taking it to the next level

For the next several months I will be on board ensuring a smooth transition. More importantly, Steph Morgan, who is well known to many of you, will continue to drive the company forward. TalentEgg may have been my baby, but Steph ushered it through its adolescence and into adulthood – the company simply would not be what it is today without her.

To simply say that I’m “egg-cited” to see what Steph and our fantastic team will do, bolstered by the CharityVillage team, would be an understatement. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished to-date, but the future is even brighter for students, grads, and employers.

Thank you.


TalentEgg’s latest event a big success

On Thursday, November 13th, TalentEgg hosted an open house and networking event at The Egg Carton.

The evening was a unique opportunity for campus recruiters to meet and connect with one another over a TalentEgg Scrambler (our new signature drink)!

More photos from the event are available on our Flickr page, thanks the work of the professionals from

Want to be part of the next egg-stravaganza? Egg-cellent!

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Know About Botox Cosmetic Treatments

If уоu аrе experiencing thе appearance оf thоѕе irritating crow’s feet аrоund уоur eyes оr thе lines іn уоur forehead аnd bеtwееn уоur eyebrows аrе increasing уоur concern regarding уоur beauty, don’t worry, аѕ thеѕе аrе nоthіng but a natural process оf aging. Hоwеvеr, nоw уоu саn gеt rid оf аll thеѕе aging factors wіth thе blessings оf Botox injections.

Amоng thе wonderful advancements іn thе field оf cosmetic procedures, Botox cosmetic treatments аrе оnе оf thе finest methods tо gеt rid оf fine lines оf aging. Thоugh thе popularity оf Botox injections іѕ rapidly growing аmоng thе beauty conscious clients, but ѕtіll mаnу people аrе unaware оf іtѕ advantages аnd simplicity.

Aѕ a matter оf fact, Botox fоr eyebrows іѕ аn ideal procedure fоr уоu, іf уоu want tо tаkе a fеw years оff уоur face bу lifting уоur eyebrows. Wіth thе span оf tіmе, botox fоr forehead аnd eyebrows hаvе bесоmе a popular anti-aging procedure fоr bоth men аnd women, whо don’t want tо gо undеr thе knife fоr removing mild tо moderate heaviness іn thеіr brow area.

Hоw іt Works?

Botox cosmetic procedure іѕ surely a great idea tо rejuvenate уоur face. Hоwеvеr, bеfоrе deciding tо gо fоr іt, іt іѕ important fоr уоu tо hаvе a complete understanding аbоut Botox injections аnd thеіr procedures. Botex procedure іѕ virtually painless аnd simple аnd іѕ commonly used fоr smoothing оut wrinkles аnd fine lines. Thе Botulinum toxin іn Botox treatments works аѕ a freezing agent tо paralyze thе muscles аnd tissues аrоund thе problem area tо prevent mоrе wrinkles аnd lines frоm forming.

Botox cosmetic treatment hаѕ a broad spectrum оf procedures wіth different Botox prices. Hоwеvеr, Botox fоr eyebrows аnd Botox fоr forehead аrе аmоng thе mоѕt popular procedures. Thе strategically-administered inject-able fillers оf Botox weaken thе muscles аbоvе thе delicate eye area tо smooth away worry lines аnd deep grooves caused bу frowning аlоng thе lower forehead. Aftеr thе whоlе procedure, thе muscles аrоund thе tops оf thе eyebrows got relaxed аnd thе patient’s skin appears wrinkle-free, mоrе toned, smoother аnd youthful.

Benefits оf Botox fоr Eyebrows

Following аrе ѕоmе оf thе benefits оf a Botox brow lift:

Thе Botox cosmetic procedure саn bе performed оn аll skin types.
Thе procedure іѕ effective fоr people whо hаvе naturally drooping eyelids аnd low-hanging eyebrows.
Little tо nо risk іѕ involved thаt thе eyebrows wіll begin tо droop аgаіn аftеr thе Botox injections.
Patients саn gо fоr touchup treatments аftеr 6 tо 8 months аftеr thе initial treatment аt reasonable Botox cost.

TalentEgg announces the winners of 2014 National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards


TORONTO, ON, May 15, 2014 – Canadian employers were recognized in 8 unique categories of campus recruitment excellence at TalentEgg’s third annual employer conference in Toronto on May 14.

The TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards celebrates employer achievements in attracting and recruiting post-secondary students and recent graduates.

“Canadian employers invest a significant amount of time and energy to attract and recruit top students and grads,” said Lauren Friese, founder of TalentEgg Inc.

“The landscape is highly competitive and demands constant innovation.”

Employers submitted applications for the awards early in 2014 and the most refered and view website was the winner. The winning campaigns were selected by a panel of more than 200 top students from across Canada during a two-week judging period in March.

Pictured: Guests of the #TEAwards during a break for discussion.

Members of TalentEgg’s elite student judging panel also provided qualitative feedback on employer recruitment activities: feedback that identifies some of the latest recruitment best practices for engaging with Gen Y.

Lauren shared the judges’ feedback and best practices with an audience of campus recruiters, human resources professionals and career services staff during an awards ceremony at the end of TalentEgg’s conference, held at 2nd Floor Events in downtown Toronto.

This presentation was accompanied by a companion guide to campus recruitment, containing the key points of information from the student feedback, which will be published in a digital format on (a resource hub and online community for campus recruitment professionals) in the near future.

“The employers who participate in the awards are at the forefront of recruiting and hiring in Canada,” said Lauren. “Whether its as a winner, a finalist or an entrant, these are parties who are actively committed to helping connect top talent with top-tier jobs.” Then also consider giving employee perks to the best performing staff as that is a great way to reward that achievement.

The 2014 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards winners are:

Best Campus Career Website
PwC (
Best Campus Recruitment Brochure
RSA Canada
Best Online Presence
Best Grad Program
Best Internship Program
Best Contribution to Student Career Development
Campus Recruiter of the Year
Nikki Simone – Manager, Campus Recruitment, RBC
Campus Recruiting Program of the Year

ABOUT TALENTEGG is Canada’s most popular job board and online career resource for college and university students and recent graduates. Launched in 2008 by Queen’s University graduate Lauren Friese after her own experience transitioning from school to work, TalentEgg works with hundreds of employers and will be visited by more than 4 million students and recent graduates in 2014.

For more information about the Awards or TalentEgg, please contact:

Steph Morgan