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The Globe and Mail says:

“The idea of rolling a corporate recruiting office and a student career fair into one website seems so simple, it's a wonder Lauren Friese's company isn't surrounded by competitors...”

Lauren Friese: How millennials can get help hatching their careers, June 2014

“If your company wants to recruit top young talent, campus job fairs and posters don’t cut it with Generation Y. . . . When they’re ready to find that first meaningful job, they’ll come looking for you, so you need to do it their way if you want to connect with the best and the brightest, says Lauren Friese, founder of”

Finding talent: On the hunt for elusive Gen-Y, June 2010

The Financial Post says:

“Having more than doubled her staff... to ensure TalentEgg is constantly updated with original content and the latest job listings, Ms. Friese has no intention of allowing her business to slow down.”

TalentEgg is cooking, September 2010

TalentEgg on Canada AM

Lauren's second appearance on Canada AM to discuss job hunting techniques for students and recent grads. –April 2010 says:

“By harnessing social media, networks, community and a sound business model, Lauren Friese has created a site that is taking advantage of today's marketplace: Companies and the great talent they want to hire are hanging out online. TalentEgg just brings them together.”

Get your career cracking with TalentEgg, November 2009

24 hours says:

“An innovative solution to the conundrum of highly qualified post-secondary school graduates struggling to find good jobs has just hatched.”

TalentEgg website targets new grads, July 2008

TalentEgg on Breakfast Television

Lauren discussing student jobs and finding a career after university on Toronto's Breakfast Television with Dina Pugliese –April 2008