Infographic: A Promising Future In Engineering

Infographic: A Promising Future In Engineering

The job market for engineers has traditionally been fairly stable and reliable, much like the bridges and cities that these professionals help build.

But with the recession weighing hard on student hires, many engineering students were left wondering whether their profession would hold up or whether they would be left in the rubble.

Well, according to Statistics Canada and Engineering Canada, engineering is still a solid foundation for a promising career.

As senior engineers begin to head into retirement they will create an average of 4004 job openings for students and new grads per year. As a result,  the job outlook for engineers in most disciplines is characterized as “good” by Statistics Canada. Mining Engineers in particular are experiencing the most employment growth (2.5%) and also have the highest average annual salary ($92,479).

Conversely, Chemical Engineers are statistically experiencing the slowest rate of growth. However, Statistics Canada points out that although the chemical engineering industry is moving at a slightly slower pace, there is still a large number of opportunities specifically for new graduates in this field.

engineering infographic Infographic: A Promising Future In Engineering

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