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Our culture & values

This is our family.


Here at TJX Canada, diversity is essential to maintaining our family-like environment. Whatever your interests, this is a place where we value individual differences. Why do we encourage you to express your unique talents around here? Because you bring out the best in us, simply by sharing your views.

We value your feedback. To prove it, we maintain a strict Open Door philosophy that welcomes your best ideas, your latest questions, and your biggest (or smallest) concerns. What makes us unique, what makes our workplace feel like family, is working with caring people like you.

Every one of us deserves respect, because we all have an important role to play in our TJX family: Remember Everyone Affects Customer Happiness (REACH). We go above and beyond for our customers and each other. This is shared dedication. This is us.

Our values

We live our values.

What's different about our values? Most every company has values, but too often they are just words without action. Not here. That's why we're different. We do what we say. We believe in what we do.

Integrity: We act with integrity and ethics in everything we do. We will take a stand for doing what is right.

Diversity: We embrace, recognize, respect and celebrate the value of individual differences. We treat all Associates, customers, and vendors with dignity and respect regardless of race, religion, nationality, colour, sexual orientation, gender, age or disability.

Deliver Expected Results: We're committed to achieving and surpassing your goals and objectives.

Mutual Respect and Caring: We respect the importance of work/life balance. We care about our Associates, customers, business partners, and communities.

Open Communication: We willingly listen to and share thoughts, information, and ideas openly.

Teamwork: We collaborate and partner with others to achieve common goals. We have fun!

Empowerment: We take ownership through appropriate risk taking and decision making to create excitement, deliver results, and satisfy the customer.

Customer Satisfaction: We know, understand, and satisfy our customers. REACH: Remember Everyone Affects Customer Happiness

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