TJX Canada

This job is no longer available.

Studio Coordinator

Toronto, Ontario
Early Career

Here at TJX Canada, we strive our hardest to make sure that every day, our customers are able to find the latest and greatest designer brand names for less than they'd pay elsewhere. When they walk through the doors of our stores, whether it's a WINNERS, HomeSense, or Marshalls, savvy shoppers know they'll experience the "Thrill of the Find," which, if you're curious, feels like a slight breeze blowing over the surface of your skin-not a bad feeling, if we do say so ourselves.

But you're not here to feel the breeze. You're here to see if working at TJX Canada is right for you. To help with your decision, we'd like to introduce you to someone who once faced the same choice you have to make.

Meet Alyssa.

Alyssa is our Studio Coordinator. She's the woman in charge of coordinating various activities and overseeing services associated with the TJX Canada marketing showroom/studio. When it comes to sample-related inquiries, she serves as the main point of contact for the marketing department, freelance stylists, and agencies.

When you swing by the showroom or studio, you'll find Alyssa buzzing around the space. She never sits still. There's always something to unpack and organize or someone to talk to. Her energy level is contagious. So is her passion for fashion and decor.

This is Alyssa. She is one of us.

If you do decide to apply for this position, and we agree that this is the right job for you, you'll be supported by internal programs whose only focus is the continued progress of your career. At TJX Canada, we do everything we can to help you achieve your full potential. But we can't do it all ourselves. You'll need to bring the ambition, the motivation, and the drive.

So what do you think? Like Alyssa, are you one of us?

Now, if you were to come on board as one of our Studio Coordinators, we'd ask you to do the following:

  • Oversee various services: cleaning, catering, general maintenance, ordering couriers/movers for sample shipments, and coordinating freight elevator services.
  • Maintain the overall appearance of the studio/showroom and ensure the space is clean and organized after marketing photo shoots and media requests.
  • Be responsible for logging, tracking, shipping, and receiving merchandise samples; plus, help coordinate returns and ensure proper procedures are followed (by stylists).
  • Act as primary contact for the Marketing department, stylists, agencies and media relations.
  • Update the studio/showroom calendar with all events, shoots, meetings, etc.
  • Coordinate biannual media sample sales with Public Relations team.
  • Participate in annual and special projects as assigned.

Sounds rather challenging and exciting, right? Let's hope so, because if it sounds easy or boring, there's a good chance this job isn't for you. But if it does sound right for you, here's why we know you'll be able to handle those challenges:

  • You have at least two years of production coordination/administration or related experience preferred.
  • You have superior communication skills (written and verbal).
  • You are detail oriented and demonstrate strong organizational skills.
  • You have proven time management skills, multi-task with limited supervision, and thrive under pressure.
  • You have experience in creative production, logistics, and project management.
  • You have strong interpersonal skills including developing and building relationships with internal and external partners.
  • You have the ability to work independently and within a team environment.
  • You are proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel/Word).
  • You have a passionate understanding for fashion and home décor.
  • You are enthusiastic and enjoy physical work in a fast-paced environment.

We know some of that might sound a little daunting, but if we're going to meet and exceed our promises to our customers, we have to be committed to hiring the best person for the job.