TJX Canada

This job is no longer available.

Product Development Specialist

Mississauga, Ontario
Early Career

Here at TJX Canada, we strive our hardest to make sure that, every day, our customers are able to find the latest and greatest designer brand names for less than they'd pay elsewhere. When they walk through the doors of our stores, whether it's a Winners, HomeSense or Marshalls, savvy shoppers know they'll experience the "Thrill of the Find," which, if you're curious, feels like a slight breeze blowing over the surface of your skin-not a bad feeling, if we do say so ourselves.

But you're not here to feel the breeze. You're here to see if working with TJX Canada is right for you. To help with your decision, we'd like to introduce you to someone who once faced the same choice you have to make.

Meet Anastasia.

As one of our Product Development Specialists, Anastasia creates private-label apparel processes for a variety of product classifications. She ensures that all government safety and labeling regulations are followed; authorizes pre-production merchandise; directs the maintenance of quality, packaging and size standards, and resolves any issues through the proper channels.

Kayaking is what Anastasia truly loves to do every time she gets a chance, which is pretty often as she owns a cozy lakeside cottage. This sport offers her a means of finding tranquility in nature, as well as an outlet for her mounds of energy. Most of her neighbors could tell you that they'd be hard pressed to find her without a paddle in her hand, a smile on her face, or gliding around the local waters.

This is Anastasia's story. She is one of us.

But know this. If you do decide to apply for this position, and we agree that this is the right job for you, you'll be supported by a plethora of internal programs whose only focus is the continued progress of your career. At TJX Canada, we do everything we can to help you achieve your full potential. But we can't do it all ourselves. You'll need to bring the ambition, the motivation, and the drive.

So what do you think? Like Anastasia, are you one of us?

Now, if you were to come on board as one of our Product Development Specialists, we'd ask you to do the following:

  • Manage product development lifecycles from start to finish, including: fits, specifications, labs, private labels, trims, test results, packaging and bilingual translations.
  • Develop strong relationships with Vendors, Agents, Buyers, Management and other departmental Associates.
  • Initiate the seasonal development process by creating and reviewing technical packages for accuracy and necessary details, while also recommending new techniques, fabrics and finishes when necessary.
  • Direct buyers in a full implementation of product, quality, value and design.
  • Drive and manage critical path milestones with Buyers, Agents and Vendors to ensure all product deadlines are met.
  • Research market conditions in an effort to keep current on fashion trends and direction.
  • Educate fellow Associates on the information, processes and procedures needed to bring a BFQP product to the floor.
  • Provide leadership and training in buying apparel and product development processes to new Buyers.
  • Ensure all production meets quality and government standards.
  • Monitor in-store products to identify additional opportunities to improve the production approval process, quality and standards.
  • Build and maintain relationships with TJX counterparts to share best practices.
  • Implement new processes and efficiencies in order to minimize expenses.
  • Interview and hire seasonal interns as required by the business.
  • Lead intern students in the facilitation of the Product Development/Approval Process.
  • Evaluate vendor compliance with TJX Canada's Development process and offer feedback pertaining to necessary process improvements.
  • Collaborate with TJX Trademark Specialists and the Global Procurement team on new label opportunities, development and profiling.
  • Partner with TJX Canada's Compliance and Legal departments regarding trademark search procedures and registration process.
  • Act as a liaison between the Legal department, TJX Canada Compliance, and Merchandising.
  • Travel across different markets to work with Vendors and Agents.
  • Assist Buyers with technical help and answers to their questions.

Sounds rather challenging and exciting, right? Let's hope so, because if it sounds easy or boring, there's a good chance this job isn't for you. But if it does sound right for you, here's why we know you'll be able to handle those challenges:

  • You have earned a graduate degree with specialized fashion/fabric qualifications.
  • You are highly skilled in all technical aspects of garment production.
  • You have a minimum of 4 years experience in a product development role.
  • You possess strong computer skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Lotus Notes.
  • You fully understand the 4 components of buying (BFQP).
  • You have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • You are able to work independently and with limited supervision.
  • You are a strong team player.
  • You possess a high-level attention to detail.
  • You have strong organizational and follow-through skills.
  • You have the ability to handle multiple projects at the same time.

We know some of that might sound a little daunting, but if we're going to meet and exceed our promises to our customers, we have to be committed to hiring the best person for the job.