SDI Marketing

Toronto, Ontario


Trying to define what great marketing should be today will be outdated by tomorrow, and that’s our point. Only an agency as dynamic as the marketplace can design real connections between brands and humans. So how do we thrive on change?


To support our undefined approach, we believe you need three main ingredients: Science (Hardcore Insights), Art (Natural Curiosity) and Life (Our Collective Experience). To fuel our formula, we invest heavily to make our business a base for original design.


Yes we are considered a “large agency”, but we’re an independent, privately owned business. As such, we have no politics, no paymasters and no limitations. Since 1988 our mission and relentless focus has been connecting our clients’ brands with their consumers.


Our client, team and vendor relationships aren't just a one night stand - they're long-term relationships built on trust, respect and the desire to improve oneself. We don't take partnerships for granted, we invest in them financially and emotionally through our patented give-a-shitness™.


When you put smart, diverse, experienced people into a room and toss a brand challenge on the table, something very special happens. Though our teams are organized around what seems to be 3 separate core service offerings, the magic happens when we approach a brief united as one.