This job is no longer available.

Collector I (Bilingual French/English)

Mar 04, 2017
Montreal, Quebec
Entry Level


Employment Type: Regular

  • Responsible for collecting in various stages of delinquency and handling accounts by providing assistance to customers.
  • Negotiates acceptable payment arrangements with delinquency customers in order to resolve the issue.
  • Agent may be categorized as Specialized handling a single function (Collection) within one business line.
  • Agent may also be categorized as Hybrid handling a single function (Collection) within multiple business lines, or multiple functions (Collection/Care) within a single business line.
  • Collector I role is also determined by the level of experience, skill and historical performance within the role.
  • May be considered as an entry level position.

Impact on the Business

  • Collects overdue accounts at all stages of delinquency in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Leadership & Teamwork

  • Regularly assists other units within the same function at times of high volumes, such as Inbound or Manual.
  • Hybrid agents may also provide such assistance as required by another department (business line).
  • Achieves individual goals in order to meet team and company objectives. Promotes and maintains a positive work environment that supports diversity and reflects the HSBC Brand.

Operational Effectiveness & Control

May perform any or all of the following duties:

  • Contacts customers at different stages of delinquency, reviews associated reasons for delinquency and obtains relevant customer financial information. Identifies potential ways for customers to rectify situation.
  • Proposes various programs and negotiates resolution within assigned authority level.
  • Identifies high risk accounts and reviews alternate resolution through legal or settlement action.
  • Ensures accurate customer demographic information is documented on the system of record.
  • Maintains assigned accounts on the computer system(s).
  • Ensures clear documentation and record of every call.
  • Assigns appropriate account review dates as per department procedures. Requests/forwards letters to customers to provide required information or to serve as a confirmation of arrangement.
  • Uses various tools such as InfoCanada and credit bureau reports to investigate additional information or trace recent demographics.
  • Reassigns specialty accounts to different work queues.
  • Escalates customer complaints as deemed necessary and as per internal procedure.

Role Context

  • Must be willing to work non-standard hours or shift as required.
  • Management of Risk Stays informed of all policies, procedures and approved collection practices.
  • Adheres to all Compliance standards in accordance with HSBC.
  • Completes all Web-Based Training requirements.


  • A high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Six months collection experience preferred.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Basic keyboard skills Bilingualism (French/English).
  • Third language preferred.